Former head of West Indies Cricket Board Pat Rousseau dies

(CNS) – Prominent attorney-at-law and former head of the West Indies Cricket Board Pat Rousseau has died.

Rousseau passed away last night after a long battle with an illness.

Peter Goldson, Managing Partner of the law firm Myers, Fletcher and Gordon, where Rousseau worked for decades, says the staff is shocked by the news.

“They are coming to grips with it … so we’re just trying to digest it. We knew he was ill but I think for many of us it was a surprise and a shock and we’re trying to cope,” said Goldson.

Goldson described Rousseau as a visionary, a legal stalwart and a nation builder. He cited his work in Jamaica’s bauxite industry.

“He was also someone who was a great contributor to national development. He was awarded the Order of Jamaica some years ago and that was because he was someone who was extreme knowledgeable and active in the bauxite industry and worked to put the bauxite industry on a sound footing for Jamaica,” Goldson pointed out.

“He was someone who was multifaceted and who truly made an impact on the development of Jamaica,” he added.