BASKET BALL RESULTS: Bequia Rockets And Union Island Majesty Eliminated

On Sunday the 14th of April, 2019 the Arnos Vale Hard Court came alive with the first two of four quarterfinal matches.

 Bequia United won by default as Bequia Rockets failed to appear, and Union Island Tantyma won by 24 points with a score of 85 to 61 against Union Island Majesty.

The Flow Koscab player of the game was Union Island Tantyma’s #9 Elton Joseph who score 28 points in the game.

Therefore Bequia Rockets and Union Island Majesty were eliminated in QF1 and QF2.

The next two quarterfinal games will be played on the 16th of April, 2019; Heat Seekers 1 vs Police United and 17th of April, 2019; Arnos Vale and Mavrix vs Blue Chip Academy. Once all quarterfinals are complete the Semi-Final teams will be announced.

Date Game ID Team VS Team Time
4/16/2019 QF3 1-Arnos Vale Heat Seekers 1 8-Police United 6PM
4/17/2019 QF4 5-Mavrix 4-Blue Chip Academy 6PM
4/26/2019 SF1 Highest Seed Lowest Seed 6PM
4/26/2019 SF2 Higher Seed Lower Seed 7PM
4/28/2019 T1 SF1 LOSER SF2 LOSER 6PM
4/28/2019 F1 SF1 WINNER SF2 WINNER 7PM

(Union Island Tantyma in black left to right; #6-Shaquille Selly #15-Shad Thomas, #9-Elton Joseph, #12-Charles Joseph, #13-Dacsan Hutchins )

(Union Island Majesty in blue left to right; #12-Dannex Alexander, #9-Donis Daniel, #11-Damani Forde, Committee Member-Dr. Junior Ackie, #15-Tim Adams, #17-Shamo Charles)