Guyana:Mentally Unstable man gets 3 years in jail for wounding mother

A mentally unstable man was jailed for three months when he appeared before a Magistrate charged for wounding his mother.

The charge alleged that he attacked Arette Johnson and maliciously wounded while at home.

According to Prosecutor Simone Payne, the Virtual Complainant (VC) placed a glass with water above her door which fell and was broken when the accused entered the house on the day in question.

He reportedly took up a piece of the broken glass and attacked his mother cutting her a number of times on her neck after which he calmly retired to his bedroom.

The woman reported the matter to the Police Station and the defendant was arrested and charged.

When the Magistrate questioned the man as to why he attacked his mother, he questioned “Where is my mother? She with a man that is why I cut she neck. So I deh here because she deh with a man”.

He was then jailed for the next three months.