South Central Windward, A Bastion for ULP

( By Ernesto Cooke) – Hon. Saboto Caesar sitting parliamentary representative for the constituency of South Central Windward says his constituency is a bastion for the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP).

Caesar was contacted by News784 to get his response to comments made by opposition member Hon. St. Clair Leacock, who admitted that the ULP’s lead of 700 votes in South Central Windward will be a hard one to erase.

Saboto Caesar the youngest sitting elected member of Parliament noted told News784, that not only has South Central Windward solidified itself as a bastion for the ULP since 2001, but that the low political credibility of the potential NDP candidate would only serve to increase the ULP’s lead in South Central in the next election.

“Let’s talk politics. The reasons which were used in the past by the same NDP as to why alternative candidates were chosen are still very much alive in the minds of the residents of South Central Windward. It is not even a situation where one has to raise these issues on a political platform because they are all common among villagers in conversations. I don’t have to restate them here but the time will come when I am certain that these discussions will become topical.”

The twice-elected area representative with 56% of the votes in SCW noted that his focus is on “production and not party campaign politics” at this time.

“I am aware that those who call for campaigns usually run from it when it gets hot. The time for the campaign will come. The focus now is about continuing to deliver on many pillars of the 2015 manifesto in an environment where we are grappling constantly with the vagaries of climate change.”

Saboto S. Caesar has been called to the bar to practice law in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the past 12 years and holds a Masters of law Specialization in Banking and Finance Law.

 In response to a question about the recent ruling of the court that went against Mr Bruce where he sued Mrs Wilma Black and Clifford Williams for $10,000US and he lost the case. The court ruled that “modern public policy condemns champerty in a lawyer whenever he seeks to recover not only his proper costs but also a portion of the damages for himself.

Caesar chuckled and noted, “I have no comment, but I have been advised that the issue is being discussed in all circles and I can only imagine the impact.

In fact, I think Dr Linton Lewis summed it up well, he is a far more senior lawyer than I am.”

Mr Caesar commended the hard work of Selmon Walters for ULP supporters in South Central Windward for building on progressive bases in the constituency by laying a strong bedrock of support.

He added that the “people-centred” policies of the ULP continue to strengthen the bonds with the people. “The number of medical doctors in South Central Windward today-an average of 1 per village; an international airport 10 minutes drive from South Union; every child in South Central Windward now has a seat in a secondary school, unlike what pertained when their parents went to school under the NDP; infrastructure work on the roads, Vinlec’s pole and lighting project, CWSA’s work to get water to all, and the list continues.”

Hon. Caesar concluded saying, “for sure we have our challenges, but we are confident that SVG is heading in the right direction. Among other things, we are making steady progress with the diversified production platform in agriculture.

Asked if he was going to contest for the leadership of the ULP, he laughed saying, “I don’t enter every possible contest.”

He assured, however, that “Youth Development” which involves a structure for youth participation continues to be of paramount importance.

What’s next for Saboto Caesar? “Christmas”, he responded. “Spending some quality time with my constituency family, my wife and son and for sure I hope to play some soccer.

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  1. My prediction is the Ulp base is going to snow ball as soon as Ralph, Julian and his aassociates hand the PM’s job to his wonder boy. Watch my words.

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