Senator Charles Assist Underprivileged Children in West Kingstown

Some of the children who benefited from the "Back to School Supplies Initiative"

Over 35 children from the West Kingstown constituency benefited from educational supplies compliments the Unity Labour Party Caretaker for the area.

Government Senator and ULP Caretaker for the West Kingstown constituency Mrs. Deborah Alexander-Charles on Friday, wrapped up her “Back to School Supplies Initiative” by handing out school vouchers which include school bags, exercise books, pens, pencils and other school materials including text books.

These supplies were given to persons who Senator Charles said are underprivileged and in need of the necessary assistance.

Charles thanked those that assisted her in one way or the other in donating towards the initiative and noted that the effort would continue for the constituents West Kingstown.

She was also joined by another Government Senator Mr. Carlos James who recently held a similar effort in Rose Hall.


  1. Let the race beging. What race?.The rat race (political). When we see little corn give out the masses something in the soil (test the political sand and to get reading from constituents).
    Are you telling us in that constituency there are only about twevle(12)
    underprivileged living there. It so sad to use these children for photo shoot there should law to stop people from child exploitation in all form. Parents you elect government to serve you not to look down on you. This form of looking down.SVG was never a country with underprivileged children until lately so that can take for ride and you present you always remember last meal.What the senator and as mother should be flight for is the healthiness of the schools.Just looking at the pictures that surface in news paper deplorable condition of school. Senitor and parents, mole and molldy conditions make children sick for long time .2 mole also as grow environment that wet and do not have much ventilation.
    Please lookout for our children when they leave home for school it will be a plesant place for them six (6) hours in your care. Give with care and feelingsto those who maybe in needs do not give with motive the picture tells different story the children are properly dress. You get it.
    We are one vincy.

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