Right-wing Attempted Coup Underway in Bolivia

(TELESUR) – The Bolivian government has denounced that an attempted coup by right-wing forces is underway in an effort to oust President Evo Morales after he won reelection in the Oct. 20 presidential elections.

TeleSUR brings you live updates of the unfolding right-wing attempted coup against the Bolivian government of President Evo Morales.

Updates are in local time in Bolivia

Live Updates

Update 00:06 a.m. 

The Movement to Socialism Party (MAS) and  the senate chamber repudiated the violent acts carried out by vandal groups in the country. They also called the members of the opposition to the dialogue, noting that this dialogue would have the participation of the international community and religious entities.

Bolivia's Movement to Socialism Party (MAS) Senators call for dialogue and rejct violent acts from opposition groups

For his part, President Evo Morales reaffirmed that request and called again the peace and unity of the Bolivian people.

Update 11:39 p.m.  

President Evo Morales denounced violent attacks by opposition groups, who burned the house of the governors in the cities of Chuquisaca and Oruro, as well as his sister’s house.