President Morales Summoned Opposition Parties to Pacify Bolivia

(TELESUR) – At a press conference in El Alto on Saturday, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales announced that he would not resort to force to halt protests and summoned political parties to an immediate dialogue.

“We have already endured with much patience so far. Neither the Police nor the Army can get stained with the Bolivian people’s blood,” Morales said.

“In order to preserve the new Bolivia, democracy and life, I summon parties that obtained assembly members… to dialogue and debate to pacify Bolivia. I convene a meeting urgently and immediately.”

The parties that achieved the highest number of lawmakers were the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), Citizens’ Community (CC), the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) and the Bolivia Alliance.

President Morales also announced that the dialogue among these four political forces may be accompanied by representatives of international organizations and churches.