Maduro Proposes Use Of Cryptocurrency Among ALBA Nations

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It may be a long way off, but Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proposed that ALBA nations used the Crypto Currency for future economic liberation of the regional bloc.

Maduro made the statement at the bloc’s  summit in Havana Cuba on Monday 17th December 2018.

Maduro called for strengthening ALBA’s economic front, to build a true productive integration.

In this context, he officially proposed to the group the adoption of the cryptocurrency Petro, which along with the Sucre, and the ALBA Bank, can become an instrument of liberation

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves addresses the Summit, saying, “The Caribbean is an area of ​​Peace, of struggle for justice and sustainable development.”

Also speaking at the summit was Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit who stated;

“Dominica fully supports and … recognizes the legitimacy of Maduro as President of the nation.”

Dominica has been part of ALBA and has been able to travel a common path with countries of the region, he said, recalling Chavez and Fidel, “to whom we owe an eternal debt of gratitude.”

He reiterated that Dominica will not be intimidated under any circumstances, because, from the beginning, this relationship of friendship and mutual respect, promoted by Fidel and Chávez, has been valuable.

In the gathering, Cuban President Diaz-Canel called to close ranks in defense of the progressive governments of Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Political subversion, economic aggressions and their social impact, together with constant threats to use force, put peace in danger and security of the region, he said.

He also exposed the achievements of the Bolivarian Alliance, like the millions of people who recovered their eyesight with free surgeries for their ophthalmologic woes.