Gonsalves: “Graham Needs To Post His O level and A level results”

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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves speaking on the recent selection of Colin Graham by the East St George Constituency Council of the NDP, to contest the next general elections says, now would be a good time for Graham to show his numbers.

Speaking with host of the morning scoop Anthony Dennie on StarFm Monday morning, Gonsalves said ;

“You have been talking about  A levels and CXC subjects, well this would be a good time for Colin to celebrate with the kids and post his”.

“I mean all these bright young people; It would be an excellent thing for him to post his numbers.”

Gonsalves said the people of ESG  said no to a formidable candidate in Dr. Linton Lewis.

“Linton was a hometown boy, a teacher, sang and was part of a band, he did accounting at the Banana Growers Association, he helped to set the IT system at the NCB in the early days, he did Law, gained a Ph.D. in Law, work with the Offshore sector, and the people still said no”.

“I  didn’t want to say anything about the matter, but in as much as you spoke about all these young people, I think what he must do is to post his O level and A level results, his Associate or Degree, his qualifications and so on, to see if it would measure up”.

Gonsalves said to leave Lewis and go for Graham, the formulation; well let’s say chalk and cheese is the only one that comes to your mind at this time.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) in a press release said Colin Clifford Bernard Graham has been tapped to represent the party in the East St. George (ESG) constituency in the 2020 elections.

Graham selection process took place during an election on Thursday, 17 August, Mr. Graham emerged victorious over the other two contenders: Bert Francois and Mgrid Punnet.

The next step in the selection process is ratification by the Central Committee. This is scheduled to take place soon.


  1. How hypocritical can they be!
    To here the praise and ability of our own Dr.linton Lewis by the SVG prime Minister. The very same man you despise of his interlect and education.A Calliaquaman who not attended the prestigious school but
    achieved and higher doctorate than some of you.
    All the educated men that run in East St.George as politician beginning with Milton Cato took the people for grand even to this time your Son following in that foot step. The former representative Louis Jones who is not of same regal mind and who did not study political deception and propaganda deliver good presentation to the people in that constitunecy. So the people needs are important and stop sell ism. Tell us what you son did for the two years as representative for East St.George? PM.

    The Calliaqua Town Hall your government demolished over 12 yr and your constructing cannot finish what ever it is because it is not our town hall which was the center of Calliaqua pride and actities. You government killed it.

    We need grass root men with brian as presentive who under needs and wants not the privilege ones anymore. The intellectual ones coming drinks beers and give dollars as pocket change and makes promises which never fulfil.

    We can beguided by proven examples. Louis Jones who is not lawyer and etc did us proper service and good representation.
    So we do not need lawyer and Doctorate to fail us again. Thanks.

    • Unfortunately Linton Lewis comes across as arrogant. The difference between Lewis and Camillo is that Lewis earned everything he has BY HIMSELF. Everything Camillo has was given to him by his daddy.
      if you research, absolutely every accomplishment of Camillo has the origin of coming from daddy.

  2. Having stacks of credentials say NOTHING of ones current competence. Most resume would state diplomas from grade school, diploma from high school,undergraduate diploma and other graduate diploma, possible some certificates. However, what are extremely beneficial to the employer are the current & special competences and related experiences of the applicant.In this case the candidate.

    • You have a point. We have a PM with a degree in Economics but the entire country, as well as the few intelligent in the ULP see that Gonsalves does not have a clue in the area of Economics.

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