Eustace is ripe for the pickings by Luke

The leader of the Unity Labour Party Dr Ralph Gonsalves wasted no time in reacting to the decision by Arnhim Eustace the former leader of the Opposition to contest the 2020 general elections.

Eustace who is a five-time elected representative for the East Kingstown constituency had in November of 2016, resigned as Opposition leader and party leader stating that he would not contest the upcoming elections.

Gonsalves speaking on the radio Friday said that Eustace has been winning that seat since 1998 and in 2015 there was a huge reduction in votes.

“So clearly, Eustace is ripe for the pickings by Luke Browne”.

Gonsalves who was speaking with Elson Crick on the Shakeup Program went on further to state that he is not sure that Arnhim is convinced he is going to win the seat.

” That may be the story now, am not sure he will be there in 2020, well none of us knows whether we will be here, we are all in the Lord’s hand”.

Gonsalves said, however, the people of East Kingstown will have a new representative in Luke Browne.

“That will be my reading of what will happen,  seeing how things are playing out”.

The ULP leader said that persons are telling him that Lorraine Friday the new leader of the NDP has fallen by the wayside.

“There is a new leader, but there is no shine on the ball, I have been watching and observing”.


  1. More propaganda by Ralph Gonsalves. The same guy that said we would be very wealthy right now from our new airport and overflowing tourism. He has (over the years) caused more economic destruction to SVG than any hurricane can. He is accurate in his predictions when he can manipulate the results but he is almost always wrong when he cannot manipulate the results. As long as he is Prime Minister the elections are not in “God’s hands”, they are mostly in Gonsalves’ hands. To some that is the same as God but for those of us that are still free thinkers it is called cheating.

    • Look up the definition of propaganda and then reread the words in quotation marks from Ralph Gonsalves and you will see the propaganda for a member of his party, in other words the ULP. Not to mention the fact that Gonsalves admits he does not know; in other words admitting it is propaganda. I hope you do not need me to tell you what propaganda is…? If you look up the word you will see a photo of Ralph Gonsalves in the definition.

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