Am Far From Being Tired Says Gonsalves

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After four terms in office, it would appear that supporters of the Unity Labour Party are a bit tired, and have spoken out publicly about such.

Complaints of the party’s radio program not attracting new persons, the slow pace and unsavoury remarks about the recent killings, along with numerous complaints about various representatives, some have gone thus far to ask if the leader is tired and ready to give up.

But the head of the party Dr Ralph Gonsalves said he is far from being “Tired”.

Gonsalves speaking on the radio last Friday said, people, see him and see how he functions, with new initiatives among them.

“ The thing is I am not tired, but it is important for us to have within the leadership new blood and I have been involved in that exercise”.

“ We are refreshing the leadership”, Gonsalves said.

Gonsalves said that critics had noted Montgomery Daniel to be a weak candidate, with Roberts, Woods, Daniel and Baptiste all contesting against him and lost.

“ I don’t bother with nonsense, one of the reasons why I have stayed ahead of this game is because I don’t worry about what “unscientific school children say”,  you know.

“ I observe things and analyse them carefully”.

Gonsalves said some persons who present things as received wisdom, when you analyse it, its pure folly.

“ Social media is one of those places where you find such stupidity, a lot of it”.

Gonsalves says he pays social media no mind. Am simply told whats going on, he said.

By Ernesto Cooke


  1. Me heer dem say! Im done garnne finish, an im ah finnishing aff we Vincentians too wid im nasty foolish politics! Yoh na see how de Country stay teday! Cass im still ah go arrn wid fool, fool politics fram yesterday.

    Wah only him yah, Venezuela, North Korea an Cuba, ena de entire world, ah do waay im ah go aan wid in ah Government. An even Cuba ah try fe stop since Fidel Castro garn dead!

    Bwaay, ah waay im ah punish we fa? Ah waay we do im?

  2. It is the Opposition that is tired of … losing, not the Comrade who just keeps on ticking just like the Energizer bunny.

    • You may admire or respect Ralph Gonsalves. He sure knows how to win elections, by fair means or foul, with emphasis on the foul, but I do not admire nor respect that man

  3. Ralph seems to have been tired for a long time now. Like most all politicians he is there for himself. Everything he does benefits the government far more than the country or the people. When he does throw out a few crumbs in poor relief, lumber, galvanize, or Christmas Barrels, it is to get votes. If he wants to be a good leader why doesn’t he lower taxes to encourage investment so that the Private Sector can create jobs. He needs to stop thinking of only himself and his clique.

  4. Him look tired, tired, tired, worn out and beat-up!!!
    Just look at his face and the heavy sack and bags below his eyes.. What does it remind you of? RALPH GONSALVES please do this nation a hugh favour- resigned and call fresh elections now. We are suffering daily with no end in sight so long as your ULP Govt remains in power. Let my people go..!!

  5. Yoh nah see dat de man waarn go like im frend Castro, dead ena office, an lef we Vincentians de same way Castro lef de Cubans, half dead too, wid every bady ah runway fo try go America!

    Me heear dem say a whole heap a man still ah wait fe dem money fe de lan dat dem tek way fram dem fe build de Air Port pon! Dar nah righte! Ting shod nah happen so!

    Me heear dem say, dat we country ah barrow money big time, an wen dem ask desperate Ralph ah Parliament, ah waay im ah go do bout it, im say im gat ah debt management strategy!

    Hear how it go! Im beg de man dem fo write arff de debt! It work, carse im say im already get 10% arrf ah de debt, an im ah wait fe get some more to come soon!

    Central Bank say de country debt should be “60% Debt to GDP” ratio but watch yah noh, me heere dem say dat SVG “Debt to GDP ratio” ah reach over 91% an more pre cent, but desperate Ralf, im begg de bwaay dem im barrow de money fram to gee we ah squaze, an im get one, dem let we off wid 10%, caze we caar pay we debt de way dem want.

    We get de 10% arff, but even afta de bwaay dem who im begg fe let we arff wid dis 10% arfa de debt ge we de 10%, we still in deep dodo, carse we still have ah whole lata money barrow fram dem. But watch yah noh, desperate Ralph im expect to get anoda squaze soon, so im say, we nah fo worry we self too much.

    Im say im get ah $40 million from Britain an im ah look to get more bout de place, but im nah know wwhere fram yet!

    Yo know me say, me heear dem say dat de “Eastern Caribbean Central Bank” recommend dat we shood have a “debt to GDP patio of 60%” wen we ah borrow money.

    Well in 2012 de Government dem did say dat ah no prablem fo we by 2020, but me caar see dat ah go happen. No man! We caar do dat by den, nat even wid all de begging all over de world. Dat nar go happen!

    Anyway me hope dem man day whofa lan dem tek an build de Airport pon, me hope dem get dem money soon carse dat nah right! It well wrong!

    Me garne!

  6. Nigel you are such a wretched fool! I am quite sure and very, very certain, that I have had a much, much better education than you have had to date Nigel Benn!

    However, if you are in doubt about that Nigel, please do take some time out and check out my other contributions to this site.

    You daarm fool, fool eh! Ah waay mek yoh so fool, fool?

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