What’s The Big Deal With Being Selected To The Security Council

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By James H

What is the big deal to be elected to the UN rotating non-permanent seat on the Security Council for the two years? What indeed does it tell us when we have rich “Countries who have never been Elected to be Members of the non-permanent Security Council:

Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Brunei Darussalam Israel, Monaco are but a few? http://www.un.org/en/sc/members/notelected.asp What is all this boasting by us about? I really don’t get it when there is so much poverty and neglect in this small country of ours that need our full attention to solve?

Just look as to who in the past that had been elected to that 2 yearly rotating non-permanent UN council; Cuba 1949 – 1950, 1956 – 1957, 1990 – 1991; Ukraine 1948 – 1949, 1984 – 1985, 2000 – 2001, 2016 – 2017; Zimbabwe 1983 – 1984 , 1991 – 1992; Congo 1986 – 1987 , 2006 – 2007; Cameroon 1974 – 1975 , 2002 – 2003; Somalia 1971 – 1972; To name but a few!


What we have here is the sickening ambition of one man and his family. The grandstanding of one status hungry man, who yearns for status over and above the wellbeing of the Vincentian people.

We have to ask ourselves, should not the leadership on these poverty-stricken islands, be using all of their allotted time to improve our sorry state in life, rather than this grandstanding? What would SVG be gaining during those two years that would increase our wellbeing other than sweet nothing.

Richer and better countries than SVG, could very well afford the wasted two years, but can we? What are you trying to tell us David Wilson, what?

Can one draw your attention to the case of the man Judas and his role in the fulfilment of scripture and likewise that of Joseph Caiaphas, known simply as Caiaphas in the New Testament, who was the Jewish high priest who organized the plot to kill Jesus. “God Moves in a Mysterious Way” a Christian hymn, written in 1773 by William Cowper.

Therefore one will be most pleased to know what you intend for us to understand by your statement David Wilson? Please do tell!


  1. A lot of those countries that were once a non-permanent memberof the UN Council are rogue states. Accordingly, if st Vincent is awarded that spot it speaks nothing about achievement nor political maturity. Certainly the day after we will still have our potholes, high crime rate, high infant mortality ,hunger and all the ills that is associated with under-development.The question is what us there to boast about? Our tri-tri?

  2. This christian country st Vincent and the Grenadines the God of this nation Jesus Christ Jehovah we have joined ourselves to Satan last world government system and the is proud to have a seat in his one world political system the United Nations think about how your heavenly Father Jesus Christ feel about this do you know the abomination and insult this is to Jehovah you are proud to be part of this Evil Godless Satanic world power What a Shame and disgrace you been played by this deception and you don’t even know it st Vincent christian nation member of the nation of lsreal this is an insult a mockery to Jesus Christ you st Vincent part of the christian body of Christ if you only knew what you have done my people are destory for the lack of knowledge thus sayeth the Lord Jehovah

  3. The big deal is taking God Jehovah people and using them to promote Satan and is one world political wicked , evil system call the United Nations how dear you!! Mr wicked evil Prime Minister wake up christian body of Christ the end is much closer than you think.

  4. James H:
    We would finally globally acknowledge ourselves of the PUPPETS of the FAILED COMMUNIST [‘scientific socialist’, ‘international socialist’, ‘Marxist-leninist’ states – – – most or all of home are now neo-imperial, corporate statist, revisionist “counter-revolutionist” dictatorial regimes.

    Then, we can there more noticeable, more publicly do the nefarious bidding.
    Also, we [the “communistic” wing of these ‘Youlimo’ usurpers of the Milton Cato-Hudson K. Tannis ST.VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES LABOUR PARTY — so-called ‘ulp’] can unashamedly PUT OUT THE REGIME BEGGING BOWL to their COMMUNIST/MARXIST-LENINIST/INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST/’SCIENTIFIC’ SOCIALIST masters and controllers.

    San Vicente, paye nous tout! Quo vadis?
    Every nation is the maker of its own destiny.
    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

    Away with the neo-Czarist mafia.

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