What Will Be The State Of SVG Economy In 2020?

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By James H

What state, will our economy be in, in the year 2020? Will the economy be spiralling out of control like that of Venezuela? That country’s economy continues to spiral out of control, with severe food and medicine shortages and a 1.35 million percent inflation rate, according to the latest from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). No wonder Venezuelans are departing their country in droves.

Who can survive in a country where the inflation rate is 1.35 million percent? But this is how the red shirts destroy economies and cause severe hardships, with their foolish outdated pseudo dogmas of Karl Marxian policies.

In Venezuela basic necessities have become astronomically expensive and Venezuelans are struggling to make ends meet. Will this be our lot in the year 2020 and beyond too if we continue to put up with Ralph Gonsalves and his red shirted mob?

We here will be invited to vote with our fingers in 2020 but for the Venezuelans, many have already voted with their feet, jettisoning their once prized red shirts in the dust bins, with at least 2.3 million families fleeing the crises since 2015, according to the United Nations. Who here will be following the Venezuelans and be dashing their red apparels in the waste bins?

How will our neighbours the Barbadians, the Trinidadians, the Jamaicans and those other countries further afield take us? These countries where we love to go, will they cope with our exodus?

The mass-migration of Venezuelans has led to a humanitarian crisis in the region as Venezuela’s neighbours and other countries like Columbia and Peru, are struggling to cope with the influx of migrants and refugees, yet all this mess is what was always to be expected when the Redshirts run any economy.

The British says that thy too had experienced the same when their labour Party had ran their economy.

For Ralph Gonsalves’s friend Maduro, it is business as usual however, and Ralph will continue with his support for the man, despite the Venezuelan people’s sufferings.

Regional criticism of Maduro has grown in recent years amid anti-government protests over the economic crisis but for his friend Ralph Gonsalves, such is simply all part of the course.

With the sufferings of the Venezuelan people reaching such an alarming pitch, Peru had said it would ask the 12 members of the pro-democracy Lima Group, which includes several Latin American and Caribbean countries along with Canada, to break relations with Venezuela from January 10, when Maduro takes office for his second term.

Such a request they hope may bring Ralph Gonsalves friend Maduro, to his senses.

However such a request by Peru is unlikely to have any impact on Maduro, as these red shirts all have one thing in common, and that is, to hold on to power until the bitter end.

We have seen it with Fidel Castro, in Maduro’s predecessor Chavez and now also in Ralph Gonsalves. Will the Venezuelan experience have a sobering effect on Vincentians? Only time will tell! Let us wait and see.

Like Venezuela will there be more allegations of vote rigging and Court theatrics? Let’s wait and see.