What Are You Going To Do About Crime?

Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, REUTERS/Swoan Parker (HAITI - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR3E0FV

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RE: Guns Enter SVG From North America, Trinidad, Columbia and Venezuela

By James H

The Prime Minister is telling us what we already know! What we want to know is what is going to be done about crime in the community an all this lawlessness that is going on.

“Man ah, shoot mam ah street ah broad day lite even ah town, mek everybody ah fo scatter! We caar sleep easy ah nitetime”.

 “Nah jus tell we par gun ah come fram”.

Our sad state of affairs has an ideological dimension. Our Prime Minister being wedded to his South American friends finds himself joined at the hip with their outdated political ideas. The same idea that is impoverishing Venezuela and has turned Cuba into an Island prison.

This old political Philosophy of Ralph Gonsalves has its roots in Marxism. The results as we see, on an economy, of implementing such outdated Marxian views, is what we see unfolding before our very eyes here in SVG and is leading to violence and poverty.

For now on 18 years we have undergone Ralph’s experiment with this outdated political idea and what we have to show for it is just higher and higher Taxes,( a tax even on an essential such as Salt) a failed business/commercial economy, his continual and incessant begging abroad to plug the holes in Government expenditure, fake/none jobs in a bloated civil Service and a destroyed public structure in society.

To cap it all and add insult to injury, Ralph himself has become most arrogant in his dealings with us and has set himself up as our ruling “life dictator,” expecting his Son, (as they now call him, the boy wonder) to succeed his mantle.

Ralph Gonsalves and his ruling ULP government have singularly failed us with this old Marxian view of employer/ employee/ Government relationship and thus their resultant failed political experiment.

This, therefore, is the plain evidence of the failure, lack of real jobs in SVG, frustration and a feeling of hopeless uselessness in communities, resulting in an increase in all forms of crimes of which the most heinous is murder.

So Mr Prime Minister, what we want to know, when are you going to take responsibility for this terrible political and economic failure that your government has heaped and brought upon us?


  1. About everything you write is very good, just like some others such as C. ben David and Patrick Ferarri. This article tells us that the solutions to our “crime state” are not quick and easy. Many people comment about getting more police, curfews, more severe punishments, etc… but none of that will do very much or it will create its’ own problems. The nation of crime did not happen overnight and will not be solved in even one or two years. Unfortunately crime has become a way of life for many in SVG and is now becoming a part of our culture. Crime exists everywhere and because of the Globalist Agenda We the People are getting much poorer so the elites can get richer. The extremely poor Marxist looser leadership in SVG just makes things worse here. The belief that prosperity comes from spending, borrowing and taxes is certainly a failure. Those are the elements that prevent job creation. Unfortunately our PM cannot get this into his head! What is the definition of insanity? doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Our PM blames the poor economy on the weather when our weather devastation was not nearly as bad as it has been in other countries but they were able to recover in one year. Our PM is still using the weather from 5 years ago as an excuse. You cannot tax, borrow or spend a country into prosperity. Those things will only impoverish a country. This is unfortunately not the belief of “The Supreme Leader” or “The Boy Wonder” and anyone in the ULP who does think this has to keep their mouth shut or get kicked-down.

  2. Guys why are you making this issue into personalities? You are enhancing the problem, instead of trying to solve it.

  3. I read all the contributions here ,some are quite good. However, I agree with C.Ben as being logical, well thought out rational and scientific.

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