Vincentians not into Freedom – they are into free stuff

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By Nathan  ‘Jolly’ Green,

I once asked a workman at Buccament, “who are you voting for?” He said I am voting ULP. He said the leader he gives us building materials, T shirts, and other goodies.

I asked him but do you approve of the leader as a man, how about all the accusations of rape and sexual assault. He replied, I am a Vincentian, and Vincentians like nasty not nice, we will never vote for someone like Eustace because he is too nice.

I took two steps backward and looked him in the eye and said have you got children? Four he said. Don’t you wonder about the future for your children, do you think they deserve nasty in preference to nice.  He said no, my parents and grandparents voted Labour, as a family we will always vote Labour.

I was choking back an eruption, in a trembling voice I asked “but how about if the Unity Labour Party has nothing to do with the old St Vincent Labour party”. How about if they are really a communist party who have adopted labour in their name because the word communist in their title would not be accepted by the Labour voters.

With that his boss came out of the office, old Vincentian family of the slave owner class, a big land owner, business man, and known ULP supporter.

He asked me why I was talking such crap to his workman. He said I have been listening and you are obviously a Ralph hater. I couldn’t argue with him, I wanted to buy something from him that I could not get anywhere else on the island. So I back-peddled told him what I wanted, he said I don’t have that. So I walked to my car, kind of wounded.

As I put the window of my car down the workman came up close and whispered, I have got one at home, then handed me a piece of cardboard with his name, phone number and address. I looked at him and said no thanks I like nice, not nasty.

Later when I studied the business card [ha ha] noting that the workman came from the Windward side, Three Rivers, I began to understood his ignorance, and the biting of the hand that fed him.

The shame is this is the kind of person the ULP attracts, it’s nothing to do with politics, it’s all to do with emulation of the leaderships nastiness, linked to getting something for nothing.

It just shows there are many Vincentians that are still unaware that the ULP is in fact the MNU party who simply put a new cloak on with a sign saying ULP.

Today my advice to Vincentians, stop taking bribery based building materials. Start to like and love nice again, like the old folk did.

If you really love the Labour movement, start a new political party, call it ‘The Real Labour Party’, free of dynasties, loving nice and loving the people, importantly free of nasty.

A party that Vincentian Labour lovers can freely love without the lies and deceit currently wrapped in the cloak of the Unity Labour Part.

For me I am backing the NDP, because they have the people who I think are truthful and have the old fashioned honesty that I expect from a party that will honestly respect the people, all the people.

Since God is a God of truth (Deuteronomy 32: 4) and His Son Jesus Christ is The way, the truth and the life (John 14: 6) it is not surprising that He hates all forms of untruths from black and white lies to false oaths and witnessing.

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