Verbal Attack And War On Vincentians Living In The UK

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I am writing these words on behalf of the Vincentian people living in England.

I came to England as a child following my parents who are Windrush settlers in the UK and some brought their children with them and some sent for their children as well as having children born in the UK.

However, some parents retired back to their Caribbean Islands including St. Vincent my island and that includes my parents and they worked so hard in England enduring racism, homelessness, bad winters including bad snow etc they struck together and work hard bringing up their children educating them and teaching them not to forget their culture.

Yet despite the contributions from Vincentians in England to St. Vincent the Vincentians people in St. Vincent  are praising people from Cuba, China, Taiwan, America, Canada and many other countries and yet abusing, verbally attacking, and waging war on  mainly the second generation Vincentians in England.

And as most of our parents who came up during Windrush have passed away and the second generations who are born in St. Vincent are afraid to come back to St. Vincent even to live because they are constantly reminded that they have not contributed making out that we are bad people.

The contribution from us Vincentians in England weigh greater than what other countries are doing. we are true Vincentians we are not fakes.

Time will tell in God’s name.

Yours blessed