The case of Buccament Bay Resort and Transparency

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How much more do we have to hurt? – The case of Buccament Bay Resort and Transparency.

There is not any room for politics when it comes to the equal rights and proper treatment of our Vincentian People.

Right will always be right and, ironically, what is wrong is the way that our people value transparency and accountability.

One may argue that there is little to no transparency in our public service and this leaves much to be desired.

I remember when the Buccament Bay Resort was to be built how the Rastafarian farmers in the surrounding Buccament Area were treated so unfairly and 27 acres of land were forcefully acquired from them at Buccament Bay (Caribbean News Now – 22.07.18) Do you remember that?

There were also some allegations of fraud floating around about the “Investor” Mr. David Ames but were quickly dismissed and which later turned out to be true.

Mr. Ames was allowed to leave here legally from a port that is not normally used for exit and entry.  I digress.

Fast Forward to the year 2018 and after the Buccament Bay Resort’s closure in 2015 with hundreds of persons left unemployed and thousands, one may argue, even millions owed in unpaid wages, taxes and debt, we hear that there are talks with new “investors” and that there will be a reopening.

What happened to the Canadian company that is currently “developing” Mt Wynne? Were they not planning to bid for the opportunity to run the Buccament Bay Resort? My Government stated that they were also planning to bid on behalf of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  What happened to our bid?

What is very disconcerting is that after all that we have been through with the Buccament Bay Resort that my Prime Minister has decided not to disclose the entity likely to manage it by passing off that responsibility to the “Trustees of Bankrupcy” (IWN 28.06.2018) and then further stating about a month later, that he is “expecting” that the entity that is “purchasing” Buccament Bay Resort will sign a deal with the trustees in bankruptcy the coming week (IWN 26.07.2018)

Indeed, this speaks volumes. One may argue that with this kind of stance being taken that there may not be much representation for the many unpaid workers who were left on the breadline.

 We continue to allow this to happen to our people and I repeat; even after all that we have been through and continue to go through with “Investors” who treat our people how they want, pay them how much they want and when they want and sometimes have them working under deplorable working conditions.

Many on the Grenadine island of Canouan can tell you more about what it is like to be treated by “Investors”.

We deserve a lot more. We need proper representation We need transparency lest we start crying out for corruption.  Don’t we deserve to know who the investors are so as to ensure that due diligence is being done or was done?

Are we not afforded at least that?

How much more do we have to hurt?

Christopher J. Grant

Youth Activist & Founder of the Peace4SVG Initiative


  1. All that is written are true facts as we all see it. The issue of the Rastas on that land has more to it than is said. Those Rastas never paid for that land they were squatters. They were offered a good price and refused it. They were offered other lands in exchange and refused it. Instead they wanted MILLIONS! For land they never paid for in the first place. Yes Dave Ames is a crook. We all know that now. About the Prime Minister: Should any of us believe anything he says? Who is more honest, our PM or Dave Ames? If anyone does believe either of these partners, please contact me because I have a few resorts I can sell them for a bargain price…honest!

    • Lostpet, how dare you make such statements that the Rasta’s were squatters. Most of them had legal title of some kind to the land. Some had freehold title others had leasehold occupation. Some simply rented land but because of the sabre rattling by Gonsalves and Frances they stopped paying the rent.
      (i) 27 acres of land forcefully acquired from 12 Rastafarian farmers at Buccament Bay to be sold to Dave Ames, a British for hotel development, who eventually left this country as a fugitive.
      Ref: Searchlight of 17/06/2006
      “Buccamma Farmers Singing The Blues – Some of the farmers own the lands while others lease and have vowed to die before they give up their land. Minister Francis told the farmers that he understands their passion for the land but pointed out to them that the government felt it necessary to change from farming to tourism in the picturesque valley.
      “’If the land is good for our survival, it is good for us to die for. I feel like get a bullet right now’ said a farmer.”
      The farmers were never paid and never given replacement land, like the landowners at Argyle airport they were swindled of ownership or/and rights.
      If you don’t know about something I suggest you hold your lip.

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