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RE: St Vincent Records Murder #28

Oh’ so sad to read of yet another murder! Another life now cut down! Sad, Sad, Sad! Very sad indeed and what is our Government and Police doing to get these criminals and Guns off our streets and truly out of our of our communities?

These ongoing killings and gun violence give us a very, very clear answer! Seemingly nothing, nothing at all indeed! Gross ineptitude on their part! This is Labour Love in action for you! Ineptitude, inaction and indifference!

Now hear this, SVG has become “A DEPARTMENT OF HELL”! Our Government through their foolish policies and indifference to our sufferings have turned this country into “A DEPARTMENT OF HELL”! Only Satan could be comfortable here!

Every week brings yet more news of random gratuitous violence here! How can we not make a note of our steady decline into becoming a failed state? Yes, please do take notice of this and ready yourself and family for travel to better climes and much, much better life chances.

I said this before, get those VISA applications in now, before it becomes too late for you to do so.

Australia, Canada and Europe are adequately governed countries, where governments severely regulate, the standard of living is much better, and families can succeed and achieve their desired aim of a peaceable life and well-being.

Ineptitude and indifference have gripped our small nation because very bad Governmental policies and an equally incompetent and inept Police leadership have failed us.

Our government, led by a self-confessed wannabe-Marxist old man, family and cronies and their dislike of private enterprise, is part of our embedded problem.

This Government’s reliance upon a high Tax policy has destroyed jobs, reduced revenues thus sending it begging abroad for all forms of economic support.

Bad management decisions to have reduced the real economy, causing the underground economy to flourish and expand through criminality, this being backed-up by imported guns to which this government appears to have no answers for and even less will to solve it.

Therefore, life here could only get worse as the violence multiply, and the life chances of Vincentians reduce, while our nation descends into total lawlessness. In “The Bhagavad Gita” we read “Hell has three gates: Lust, anger, and greed.”

Vincentians now see all three gates opened up through Governmental neglect, incompetence and ineptitude!

By James H


  1. Very good information here! The problem is that readers will not take the information that is needed from this short article and see what needs to be done. Instead most readers will “shoot the messenger” because they do not like the news.
    Pertinent is that the government does seem to have a hate of private enterprise. On the one hand they say they encourage it but on the other they enact financial laws (raising costs for businesses) that destroy private enterprise. Then the government believes it should build houses, manage resorts, etc… because hey can do so and pay less taxes than the private sector, not seeing that government cannot manage as efficiently as the private sector. Our economically incompetent leader does not realize that things are not done that way. YOU DO NOT BITE OFF THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU! By enacting financial legislation that destroys investment and thereby private sector jobs, the ability of collecting revenue is decreased. The government gets less revenue and taxes have to be increased again causing more businesses to fail. After living in Saint Vincent for many years I realize that the leadership here does not have a clue, or maybe they keep the country poor on purpose.

    • Doodle, you are absolutely right. We just seem incapable of lifting ourselves up out of the mud. SVG has many smart people but it serves us no good. The roads continued to be poorly maintained. Kingstown continues to look like a dump. The youth continue to flee the island and no one seems to mind. One cannot help but wonder if this is real or just a very bad nightmare.

  2. leave SVG and go to the same colonial countries that committed the most vicious crimes against mankind . Countries that once held us as slaves! The Countries the benefited from the blood, and sweat of our ancestors! The countries who are partly to be blamed for the retrograde state blacks are in the world over. The people who raped our mothers and sisters. This is most upsetting and makes my blood boil. Its nothing short of treason. Yes Vincentians, run to your white savior instead of dealing with your own problems.I know many of you believe that your god and your Oppressor are one and the same-SAD !

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