Questions The SVG Basketball Federation Should Answer Now


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With the upcoming SVG Basketball Federation AGM and elections, there are a number of concern within the basketball fraternity that the current executive have failed to address despite many requests from fraternity members.

These issues include but are not limited to the following; – Why is the SVGBF charging members an annual subscription fee when they have not had any national tournament for teams within the last six years? – why is the Federation breaching the constitution that allows for proxy voting by denying its members this right?

And doing so citing the FIBA guidelines, when they have not been performing at the standard as per those same guidelines? – Why isn’t the Federation making available the list of eligible teams that will be able to vote at the upcoming AGM elections as per the request of the members?

 The request for nominations was answered by persons desirous of leading the Federation forward why weren’t the list of candidates published along with their bios and possible agenda/manifesto for leading the Federation as per fraternity members request?

Why isn’t the Federation even giving consideration to delay the AGM in face of one of the most successfully run and managed basketball tournament on an annual basis as per the request of that Association’s President to the SVGBF as a courteous gesture and to allow full participation by this Association and its teams at the AGM?

Concerned Sports Man