Police and Society in SVG

Photos Lance Neverson

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It is difficult or impossible to leave comments on your site but I feel compelled to tell you that I have to say something about the informative story of the person on vacation that had her dog attacked by a pitbull and had the usual terrible ordeal of dealing with the ineffective SVG Police.

I am a former law enforcement officer from the USA. Although law enforcement has gotten much worse in many places in the USA, it is overall not nearly as bad as it is in SVG.

The SVG Police are very lazy. Normally they never do anything unless it either involves drugs, murder or a government politician is involved. Beating people in custody is SOP.

I was detained all day, and given a form of beating by the police although I did no crime nor was I charged with a crime. They took and held my cell phone, locked e in a 3×3 wooden shed in the sun and closed the small door and windows.

All this after my beating. People in the area say they were trying to “cook” men. It is thier usual form of punishment for those they do not like.

The SVG Police are one of the most lawless entities in the country. I put them up there with the drug dealers. In fact I would most certainly be detained by drug dealers than I would the SVG Police.

The drug dealers would not do anything to me unless I interfered with thier operation. The SVG police are known to beat people for no reason at all, just because they do not like you.

The SVG are a disgrace to law enforcement. The worst, those that disrespect the people are the ones that get the awards and promotions while the best get left behind.

When I was in law enforcement we had to respond to all calls and do all we can to bring an incident to completion. In SVG they try to do as little as possible. Which normally means nothing at all.

We were robbed once, as many others in the area, and the police NEVER come out…NEVER! In our case, after many trips and complaints they finally came out and took fingerprints…TWO WEEKS LATER!!! What a disgrace!

We had to do it as fast as possible so the crime scene would not become tainted.

I can go on and on but you get the point. WHAT A DISGRACE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT!

Douglas DeArment