Our greatest fear is La Soufriere Volcano.

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“Our biggest concern is La Soufriere Volcano, and even so, we just go about our business as usual, like it does not even exist.”

The Unity Labour Party, or/and the government, employ a man to trawl the internet looking for comments about any of the former names or entities. If these observations are damaging to the previous objects, even if true, this man will either deny or attempt to make wrong appear right.

He is a propagandist of the worst kind telling lies and fabricating stories, part of his trade. Doing and saying anything in an attempt to protect those above who may be exposed to the hurtful truth. He uses the alias Vinciman.

Vinciman is an intelligent person, some believe he is the prime minister’s press secretary, others believe he is the prime minister himself or some other member of the family dynasty.

He at least is achieving confusion of the minds of ULP and comrade supporters, particularly the ignorant and bigoted among them, which are the majority.

Vinciman knows everything that the government is doing and what is has previously done; he is well informed on first hand inside information. Many of his comments have demonstrated how close he is to the regime by his public excellent inside knowledge which he imparts.

However, even the best of propagandists make mistakes from time to time. Vinciman made a grave error when making comments on this story-


  • when he said “Our greatest fear is La Soufriere Volcano, and even so, we just go about our business as usual, like … it doesn’t even exist.”

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You will notice that Vinciman used the royal “we” when making that statement, meaning not he, but the regime, the comrade.

I believe that what he said was actually relayed to him by the designer and inventor of the Argyle airport re-election political propaganda machine.

We now know the greatest fear of this Government is La Soufriere Volcano erupting before Argyle officially opens. Because if that happened, that would definitely be the end of the Argyle airport project, no airline would ever fly in there after that. There is definitely the possibility that it will erupt in the future, perhaps even sometime soon.

At the time that Vinciman wrote that I wrote the following reply “I am glad you mentioned La Soufriere Volcano and being worried about it erupting, so you should be. Because it’s very much a live volcano and according to records is overdue to erupt. If that happens all aircraft sitting at the airport will be lost because the hot ash will destroy them. They will end up as scrap metal. They certainly will not be able to fly in the ash cloud and the airport is within an area where hot rocks will rain down. Argyle may become an insurance nightmare for resident and visiting aircraft, with runway subsidence more than a possibility, huge winds when not expected and now a live volcano to take into account.”

The fact is La Soufriere Volcano is an active volcano, it last erupted in 1979 and there is always steam and gasses rising from it, although it is currently resting. Looking at the record of La Soufriere’s past eruptions and the intervals between them, an eruption is now long overdue. So it’s not ‘if’ but when, and the regime knows that and that is what has frightened them. And as I previously said, “so it should”.

Argyle is within an area which has previously been devastated by the volcano’s erupting forces. Rocks, volcanic debris and copious amounts of ash have fallen at Argyle each time Soufriere has erupted. So much so it even blocked all the streams and rivers with ash at Argyle.

Argyle Airport would be put out of operation instantly by hurtled volcanic rocks and ash spewed from the volcano. The airborne ash would stop aircraft from taking off or landing, even overflying, and rocks and ash falling on the runway would ensure that it was totally unusable. Aircraft on the ground would not be able to take off and would become piles of scrap as the corrosive ash attacks engines, operational parts and fuselage alike. There is also a great possibility of the parked aircraft being struck by the spewed rocks and debris.

Is that a risk international airlines should take? I would say not, but the problem is until Vinciman exposed the government fears of eruption it has not been voiced by any writer before. No one even thought of that possibility of events, except that is the comrade.

So now we know, and thinking about it I hope the airlines now pick up on this very serious matter, a further safety risk to passengers and aircraft.

Thank you Vinciman for your blunder “Our greatest fear is La Soufriere Volcano, and even so, we just go about our business as usual, like … it doesn’t even exist.”

Peter Binose, blowing the trumpet of democracy


  1. Look at a budle of bullshit. Vincentians are really stupid as they come I can’t believe the Arthur’s of this article at all. Trying to Discredit something as important as an international airport which is going to bring revenue to a country where it is so much needed. My entire family are all ndp supporters I honestly don’t agree with Mr Gonsalves on a lot of issues but I do believe this airport is important. People so stupid as just because it’s a next party’s project it so much hated till. You are writing an article hoping airlines don’t fly to our island something that important so you bunch of idiots can say it failed. That’s garbage to the highest extent. My God like when would people put this party bullshit to rest.

    • I cannot believe what nonsense i just read about the volcano in SVG preventing the airport from being operational. Many countries have volcano and it does not prevent them having an airport. St Lucia is very near to the volcano and did it prevent them from having not one but two airports. Please give Vincentians some credit as they are not stupid. Stop publishing your nonsense and he honest about how the international airport will help the economy and the people of our Blessed St Vincent. No looking back, forward all the way.

      • Remember the airport in Saint Lucy was built by the American Army during WW2. The cost was for the USA government. Argyle was built by a bunch of Cubans at great expense. The took 10 years to build a 3 year project. The overrun costs doubled the cost of the airport.

        What ever I wrote about the airport is based on the fact that was said by the ULP government online propagandist spokesman. They are not my words that I made up. If you want to complain, complain to the comrade.

    • Kevin you should never write when you are angry, you have made so may mistakes. Try writing poetry when you are angry, it helps calm you.

      Thanks for the comments


    • Wan how wanderous thou art. I know the truth is annoying but its based on truth not fiction. So stop being blinkered and wake up to the truth.

  2. A volcanic eruption usually occurs in St. Vincent and the Grenadines every seventy (70) years but this has absolutely nothing to do with the airport at this stage. The next eruption would mostly likely be in 2049. I wonder how people find time to write such nonsensical articles. I am of the view that Peter Binose is a propagandist. Little did he know that the Control Tower can change the approach of an aircraft to the runway from West to East and vice versa depending on the wind velocity and direction. An aircraft can land almost anywhere there is a flat surface providing it is long enough. Prime example, the crop dusting aircraft that many of us know as Peter plane has been landing on a rugged surface in George Town for many many years. More interestingly check out the airport in St. Bart’s and Dominica, you would see how difficult these airport approaches are but planes still land there. The completion of the Argyle International Airport is an accomplishment that all Vincentians must be exceptional proud of whether your are PPP, NDP, DPP or ULP. Peter Binose continues to bismer SVG. He should be charged for treason. While I am a big supporter of free speach, I think some of his writings are treasonable.

    • Dear Augustus you really must stop being so silly and protective. Your facts are wrong and mine are right.

      Why are you attacking me when this is simply reporting what a ULP spokesman and propagandist said, this a ULP statement not mine.

      But to correct you the average times between eruptions since 1718 and 1979 is in fact 40 years and six months. The longest time between eruptions was 68 years and the shortest 8 years.

      1718 Explosive eruption
      1780 Dome eruption [62]
      1812 Explosive eruption [32]
      1880 Dome eruption [68]
      1902/3 Explosive eruption [22]
      1971/72 Dome eruption [51]
      1979 Explosive eruption [8]

      Average 40 years and 6 month between eruptions.

      On the calculation from averages that would make a due date in 2019.

      But seeing as the shortest time was 8 years it means it could erupt any day after 1987. So we may well be into overtime.

      Sorry old bean but you must stop being a silly boy, I am only the messenger, the original message is from the comrade or his online spokesman. Its not something I made up its all based on fact.

  3. Peter believe it or not the airport is going to be open on the 14th of February. And since the volcano is not going to erupt fast enough to mash it up I suggest that you climb to the volcano and start beating it with piece of stick or better yet stone it so that it can wake up and deposit all its load directly on the airport. Badminded Peter you won’t be able to stop vincentians from rising up so take your negativity and sleep besides it roll in it because we don’t want none of it.

    • Dear D, I hope the D doesn’t stand for dopey. I am only reporting on a statement by the ULP online spokesman. They are not my words they are theirs, so get in touch with the comrade and tell him how stupid he actually is. If you like I can give you his direct phone number.

  4. Thank you all for your comments of congratulations and agreement with the content of what I wrote. I very much appreciate your being there for me.


  5. Peter, when you write these articles they are viewed by people all over the world. If I was a potential visitor to SVG these are the articles I would see once I conduct a search on google. The fact is these articles can desuade persons from visiting our Country. I know you have some issues with the current government, this is quite evident from your articles but you should be a principled person. You are not being fair in your writing. Regardless to your personal feelings of Prime Minister Gonsalves you must be fair in your criticism. I dear you write one good article about St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I know you have the potential to write in a more positive light. I urge you to use your talent in a more constructive manner for the betterment of our country.

    • Augustus old friend, of course I could write nice things but they would be untrue.

      I am sorry for all those people who are mindless ULP supporters who cannot believe the truth when it jumps up and hits them in the face. But I cannot bring myself to tell lies about this dreadful regime.

      If what I write affects tourism, blame the comrade he sends the propagandist called Vinciman to write and say all sorts of crap in the quest to make wrong right in the protection of the comrade and the family dynasty.

      I have just written something much worse about terrorism. Vinciman has now stated that terrorism at Argyle is more likely than the volcano erupting. So I have researched that and have written a story on the matter. Once again he was right there is a definite risk of that since our recent brush with MoroccanWolf, an affiliate group of ISIS. That was brought about by Ralphs visit to Morocco. To warn us they hacked the SVG government website and put a message and picture on it. I have both of those featured in this new story. I am trying to tailor it to make it suitable for News 784, so perhaps they will publish it.

  6. It would e very interesting if WE hear from the Prophets of Doom & Gloom , aka Peter Binose & C.ben- David comment on the
    the fact that the Volcano in Hawaii has once again erupted .

    I have yet to hear that is preventing Tourists from going to Hawaii; on vacation . Peter & ben-David are in the same League with the woman who wished that a Tsunami would destroy the AIA ; and also the man who wished that an Aircraft could crash .

    These are Persons who definitely belong in an Asylum , due to their comments which certifies that they are not sane People .

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