August 10, 2020

Organize Your Stimulus Package By Anthony Stewart

Organize Your Stimulus Package By Anthony Stewart, PhD

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Nothing stifles an economy like unpaid debt, goods borrowed and not returned, lack of confidence, injustice, unfairness, lack of meritocracy, expenditure with no returns, and dishonesty.

The main source of income for financial institutions is interest from loans. It appears that they need to take more interest in helping borrowers make their enterprises successful. The state of the economy should inform these lending agencies of what reasonable rates of interest can be applied.

There are too many properties in foreclosure. This is an opportunity for debt collection agencies to make purchases at discounted rates and resurrect these dead properties through resale. Merely deferring payments at this time may not be sufficient to help borrowers. A period of no interest charges is needed.

While we are in self-quarantine, we now have the time to conduct an inventory of all items in our household. Things we may find that need to be returned to their owners may include:

  • Borrowed tools
  • Dishes and utensils we received with food
  • Evidence of monies owed
  • Books

We should not underestimate the effect of the return of these tangible items in constituting a stimulus package for the owners.

Another inventory that we should do is that of our attitude and mindset:

Current Mindset New Desirable Mindset
Unfairness Fairness
Injustice Justice
Nepotism, Cronyism, Partiality Meritocracy
Distrust Trust
Expenditure with no returns Wise Investment
Labor Now Together Now
Lack of Confidence Confidence
Welfare Workfare
Public Assistance Jobs
Free Money Interest Free Loan
Dishonesty Honesty
Ignorance Education
Demsay Newspapers
Irresponsibility Responsibility
Spendthrift Accountable /Economical
Hatred Love
What’s in it for me? What can I give?
Doling out public resources by politicians Organized assistance by public service
Free computers for the second time with no adequate maintenance regime Interest free loan for computer purchase with maintenance package
Non-productive Investment Investment in Productive sector

Anytime from now as we audit our stimulus economic package we would look with pride at what we accomplished. Tools and resources would be where their rightful owners need them. Individuals would be meaningfully engaged in productive activities.

No one would have been taken advantage of because of the receipt of state resources, there would be no evidence of a Quid Pro Quo, and the appropriate question would not be, “Who was stimulated?” but “What was stimulated?”