Letter To PM Gonsalves – Gay Rights In SVG – By Sean Macleish

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By Sean Macleish

Dear Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, your administration owes us an apology and an explanation for your refusal to give basic human rights to LGBT Vincentians, which includes me.

I am disappointed with your negligence to stand up for equality.

You continue to legalise discrimination under the law for LGBT citizens, which has a long, protracted history of promoting marginalization, social exclusion, harassment and violence.

In 2018, the criminalization of homosexuality in St.Vincent and the Grenadines is state sponsored homophobia, which legitimizes the demonization of gay people like me.

It advises society that we are less than, that we are defined as second class citizens and we are to be hated.

 I read in a news article your response to the recent attack on gay people in Calliaqua. You were quoted as saying,

“A social and moral issue like this, it should be a freedom issue, a libertarian issue, it should be led by the churches”.

 I couldn’t help but think of the fiduciary responsibility that your 17 year administration has in protecting the human rights of LGBT people. You have failed without apology or explanation.

 Instead you have deferred your ethical and moral duty to represent all Vincentians, to religious organizations, rooted in dogma, which is the foundation of discrimination against LGBT Vincentians.

This is a judicial issue, which ultimately falls under your office and despite being the representative for all of your people, you are not an advocate for equality in public policy.

 When will the equality of LGBT Vincentians be more important than political currency, based on bigotry? When will you end this apartheid?

 In May 2011, Camillo Gonsalves, then Permanent Representative to the UN, told the Human Rights Council that there was no mood in society in SVG to decriminalize homosexuality and that the laws criminalizing homosexuality were widely accepted by society.

Your administration shares responsibility and culpability in the mistreatment of people based on their sexual orientation, because your inherited anti-gay law promotes a negative philosophy that vilifies LGBT people.

 Decriminalizing homosexuality in SVG sets a positive tone and is a monumental message that everyone is equal under the law, regardless of sexual orientation.

It reflects a government that welcomes everyone to have a seat at the table without laws that shame and create fear.


  1. Kathy st Vincent is a society that is based on Christain principles. The law is good as it is. There is no need to tweak the laws. The problem with society is that the minority wants to rule the majority. If Mr McLeish was afraid of his life he would not have published his picture. There is no fear in St Vincent if you are gay. Vincentian would not kill you, certainly this is not Jamaica. We are tolerant as we can be .

  2. Dear Sean,
    Please note that Homosexuality is not a crime in our law books. Homosexuality is not a verb which may trigger an action against the Criminal Code. It is by best an “adjective”.
    The legislation is clear on buggery, which may be the implied criminal offence based on this letter. Please note Sean that the law is also clear that for one to be found guilty, one of the elements is being caught in the act.
    Now that the law is clear, what exactly are we to decriminalize?

  3. You are the one who should be apologizing to the People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for want to impose this ungodly lifestyle.
    I am not a friend of Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP. I am not a member of any political party in SVG and have my loyalty to the people of our nation. We are a god fearing nation and god fearing people.
    I have my own issues with political parties and politicians in st. Vincent and the Grenadines. The opposition is weak and I question the opposition position on this issue. Is the opposition, in receipt of funding from your sources, Sir?
    I suppose that you are in receipt of funding from international organizations and individuals to be advancing this is as an acceptable way of living.
    Do you sir, have sympathizers in any of the political parties included but not limited to the ULP and the NDP?
    Will the NDP proceed in welcoming you should they get elected? I wonder based upon the photograph from their recent walk with a fully displayed flag on the purse of one of their supporters.
    If you were to promise Ralph and the ULP that he will get re-elected on this issue, then he may give you consideration. For the record, my brother that is never going to happen. your lifestyle shall never be welcome in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
    I respect and appreciate my brothers and sisters as members of the human race, but I do not agree with this lifestyle.
    Equal Rights must and shall be taken into context with competing rights, minority rights versus majority rights, and the general conflicting rights of the public versus a designated issue. In this case, the public interest is far greater than your interest and that of your lifestyle.
    The Romanian Parliament has now, entrenched in their constitution that marriage is only between a man and a woman. The backlash is advancing fast. The UN can say what the UN wants but SVG is a sovereign nation and shall continue to be. A minority is not going to impose their will on the majority,as in your case. My brother, with all due respect read the bible, with respect to this way of living and if you were to miss the parts of the bible that deal with this issue, please re-read it!
    Should the good lord and the great people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines elect me as the leader of ST. Vincent and the Grenadines in the future, this lifestyle SHALL NEVER be accepted on my watch. Life is about choices but this is a sinful, morally bankrupted and unacceptable lifestyle.
    There is a lot more that I can say on this issue, but I have made my point.
    Ricardo Francis, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Waiting and in the Making

  4. I was told that the gay rights organizations have funnel cash into one of the Jamaican political party in order to gain support for gay rights in that country. I am wondering if they have given our gullible politician in St Vincent some cash for their support.
    I have listened to the words of the Prime Minister and is is currently involved in the practice of doubt speak on the issue. He is now calling on the churches in St Vincent to have an open dialogue on the issue. Ralph knows that any any country and St Vincent is no exception, there will be advocates for such a life style.
    This I why Jamaica was targeted, the so-called Domino theory. But I will tell you that any political party who advocate gay marriage or rights in St Vincent will be taken out of power. The churches play a powerful role in the lives of Vincentian.
    While Vincentian are devided politically , they are united on the issue of gay rights. We have enough challenges already fighting crimes and creating jobs for the people. Adding another issue that does not add value to the lives of Vincentian will be an unwelcome proposition.
    That is why Ralph wants an open dialogue with the church. He is not a fool, he is one of the most cunning politician Vincentian has ever known. No wonder he has four in a row and certainly will get five in a row. Wakeup Vincentian from your deep slumber.

  5. Sir/Madame, homosexuality is NOT a crime in SVG, but “buggery” is. Look back 40 years and you would see very few instances (if any at all) of buggery charges, cases and or convictions, yet so many cases of “LGBT,” albeit underground so to speak.
    Yes, we are generally a homophobic nation but that has deep roots in the Christian culture that still prevails today. What you are really asking for is a change in cultural values/norms, and unfortunately, your case is weak.
    Whilst I call upon all to NOT hate anyone for his/her sexual preference, and to do deep introspection on his/her own behaviors/sins, I cannot call upon all to condone anything that goes against God’s teachings. In your case, you are really appealing for us to accept the sexual act between you and another man. Nothing is wrong with the two of you truly loving each other, but the act of sex between two men is clearly unnatural given the anatomy features or lack thereof. Surely you figured this out already despite the workaround and improvision.
    Interestingly, we have among us so much sins, that I guess it is only a matter of time before we hear arguments on/for legalization of crazy things such as:
    1.Marriage and sex with other animals;
    2.Sex with minors;
    3.Multiple wives/husbands; and
    4.Murder at free will especially if you are born with such tendency (after all it is not your fault).
    Sorry, but what you are asking is for the majority of God fearing people to throw their principles/values aside and accepts your unholy behavour(s). We are not going to hate you, but just as with any other heterosexual couple, we ask that you keep your sexual practices private and behind closed doors. That is between you and God!

  6. Sean I have an offer for you, please go to Jamaica and be an advocate of this nonsense. If you happen to return Alice I would have some respect for you.

  7. To Mr. Macleish,
    I write to you with great respect on your bravery for producing such an eloquent account. Although I might not approve of such lifestyles, I do agree that the treatment of LGBT in the Caribbean is often porprostrious, unfair and inhumane. Amongst our nation, referencing the Bible is seldom habitual but as a society it is of paramount importance not to judge others. I believe everyone has the right to live the way that best suits them and only God should judge. Who are we to cast aspersions or individuals or communities that might not reflect what constitutes to your perception of normality?
    My fellow Vincentians I think it’s to start looking in the mirror…..

  8. All this talk about gay and lesbian rights, abolition of death penalty and the distortion by some clergymen of the Scripture on the death penalty is nothing but demonic activity spreading their wings in these closing years. Satan has his agents in powerful organizations like the United Nations etc. Remember in all of this Satan is hidden but he is the Mastermind behind the thoughts.

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