The “cookie”, the “magical V”, the “promise land”.  I have heard so many names for this magical body part that is scientifically called the vagina.  Growing up with West Indian parents, I have always been told of its value, how powerful it is, and most importantly, why I shouldn’t give it away.

Now, we all know that for the most part, my generation (30+) snuck around and had sexual relations in the oddest places just to experience it for the first, second or third time.  Some got caught by family and friends and some girls even got pregnant, but there were still a lot of value placed on a woman’s magical goodies.

What about now? Does this generation of West Indian parents still tell their daughters of the value of their vagina?  Do they warn them about the consequences of having sex too early, including diseases and pregnancy?  Women are so openly promiscuous in media and in the public that, although it isn’t fair to stereotype, it is as though they condone reckless sex.   The art of courting a woman also seems to be gone with the wind.

Women are having sex on the first date and getting pregnant at younger ages.  They are having no regards as to where they having sex and who is seeing them. It is so easy to get the va-jay-jay these days that it has lost its value. Women are accepting the role of the “other woman” so easily and these side women are getting braver and are claiming the borrowed man in public.

A woman’s value has gone down to the dogs, right? Not necessarily. Despite what many of a certain age thinks, there is still a lot of value placed on the promise land by both women and men.  I asked a few of my men friends their opinion.  Here is one of the comments: “…pum pum value can never go down because it’s always going to be the number one need of men of all races.

I believe it is more readily available because women are not waiting for men for it, they see you and like you and they will come after you unlike before when men were the aggressors chasing pump um, women are coming out from under the cover and saying what they want.  It still doesn’t diminish the value because like houses, when it’s in demand the prices go up.” This comment summarised best what a lot of the other comments I received in one form or the other.  The promised land still has worth.  The cookie will always be in demand, simply because men appreciate it and want it, especially when it is well taken care of and is GOOD if you know what I mean.

So what about all of the music videos and Instagram pictures that focus on half naked women and their parts and pieces are exposed to the great wide world?  Aren’t young women having more sex? With a quick Google search through some scholarly journals, it seems that premarital sex is actually on a decline in both the United States and the Caribbean.

Fewer women are having sex during their teens and women are much older before having their first child.   Regardless of whether you think that the magical V is less valuable now than ever before, there is something that is very important to note, especially for young women:  PUT VALUE ON YOURSELF AND LOVE YOURSELF.  IF YOU RESPECT YOURSELF AND MAINTAIN STANDARDS, OTHERS AROUND WON’T HAVE A CHOICE BUT DO THE SAME.


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