Error Or Another Attempt By Digicel To continue Its Rape Of The Vincentian Public?

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By Jomo Sanga Thomas 

Is this an error or is this another attempt by Digicel to continue its rape of the Vincentian public?

Beginning Saturday I could not even see what I posted on Facebook.

At each posting, there was a blank space with a note that said ‘no Photo in free mode… use data to open the link.

I could not believe it. DIGICEL is now insisting that subscribers pay them to access and use Facebook.

Even photos that I post are out of my range.

I have repeatedly said that these telecommunications companies are doing all in their powers to reap more and more profits out of our little country.

As I highlighted a few weeks ago. Flow demanded that I pay it $160 so as to replace its faulty modem.

I refused and has not had the internet at home since.

Both of these companies are taking advantage of consumers. It is time we take a stand.

If this Facebook demand is for real, I will be dropping my cell phone service with Digicel.

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