Concerned Citizen Responds To Statement By Christian Community On LGBT

Well, I am rather confused that the laws should only reflect the wishes of the Christian community.

I wonder where are the laws that the Muslim, Hindu, Non-Christian and all the other religious and non-denominational churches lye.

If our whole argument on Homosexuality by extension Buggery, is that the laws should only seek to protect a certain amount of the population, whilst the others are stoned to death and possibly beheaded I wonder where would I find this love the church preaches.

Remember Romans 3:23 23 “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”

Society has a problem with homosexuality based on their own problems of:
1. Enjoying the pleasure of minding people business.
2. Loves telling others how to live their lives whilst you are catching your tail and not knowing how to live your own.

It is a crying shame that the church would embrace such inhumane treatment to another human. These are some of the churches with some of the nastiest behaviour.

Married pastor having sex with a married congregation woman or man.

At the end of the day, you don’t have the luxury of judging me because I sin differently than you…. SIN IS SIN…. SLEEP ON THAT.!

Statement SVG By Christian Community On Buggery Laws


  1. Frist st Vincent and the grenadine is a Christian country or island the God of this island nation has been and is and will always be Jehovah God Jesus christ hence we are a Christian nations island our standards , values and what is . morally right and good for our society is base on our God and father Jehovah words and not by man system christianty is our fondation and Jesus christ is our God. as for sin you have to answer for you own sins even the pastor.

    • “You don’t have the luxury of judging me because I sin differently than you”

      Why are then pedophiles, murderers,thieves and liars judged by the court of law. Wrong is wrong. A pedophile being prosecuted in court can’t say that there are other people who fornicate who get away with their sin. Wrong is not suddenly justified based on circumstances.

      “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

      Just because you know you can’t get 100% on an exam doesn’t mean you should give up,embrace and affirm your failures. We serve an excellent God. Even though we know that we are not perfect we should not justify our sin by saying “it’s human nature”

      That Is the height of mediocrity.

      I agree that we should not just punish or kill these people. Punishment should be done with the intent for rejuvenation. These people deserve to be respected but that doesn’t mean that their behavior should be praised by society

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