As we look forward to our budget day

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By James H

As we look forward to our budget day, we should keep in mind what this government is leading us towards.

The Venezuelan people have had a rough time of it since these verbose redshirted lookalike individuals took control of that once rich country.

The result is that, almost three million people have legged it from Venezuela over the past three years, to escape poverty, food insecurity and violence, this is according to the latest United Nations statistics.

The Venezuelans decline into their nightmare was not at all unforeseen by prudently serious observers. The Latin American country’s economy has collapsed, and inflation is predicted by the International Monetary Fund to reach one million percent before the end of this year. But is this surprising for such a badly run economy?

Venezuela’s neighbor Colombia is hosting the largest numbers of Venezuelan migrants. It is reported to be hosting more than one million of them who have arrived there since 2015. It is said that this regional crisis is likened in scale to that of the war in Syria by the U.N human rights body.

Organization after Organization are reporting harrowing stories after stories of the Venezuelan people’s sufferings. The Save the Children Country Director Maria Martinez said: “Mothers do not have food to feed their children … or a place to call home. Mothers are giving birth on the streets.” Is this what awaits us here in St Vincent and the Grenadines when our own red shirted individuals are finished with destroying the SVG economy, through over borrowing and over taxation?

When good companies, not connected to the family regime, are afraid to invest in SVG, and the only jobs on offer here are Government jobs, to be waged through over taxation and over borrowings, as in the case of Venezuela and worldwide begging as in our own case, know then that there is a crisis on the horizon.

Who here however, other than the naïve, susceptible, and gullible would believe otherwise, until they see the same happening here? Perhaps they may be too stoned on cannabis to observe or to care anyway!