World Food Day Youth Symposium

“Enhancing the economic platform through youth empowerment” is the theme under which young farmers, agro-processors and fisherfolk from throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines will meet for a symposium on Tuesday, October 10th.

The youth symposium will be held as part of activities to commemorate World Food Day 2017. It takes place at the Glen Baptist Church at 9:00 a.m.

The panel will comprise Mr. Amani Gibson- Student and Agriculture Entrepreneur; Mr. Ademola Williams – Ministry of Agriculture and Community Youth Group Activist/Coordinator; Mrs. Bernadette Warren – Owner/Manager of Brio Che; Mr. Gordon Shallow – Manager of Floranium Services/ Curator Botanical Gardens; and Mrs. Stina Herberg – Headmistress of the Richmond Vale Academy.

According to Michker Edwards, Chairperson of the Youth Symposium Committee – WFD 2017, the overall goal is to empower the youths while enlightening them about the opportunities in the agricultural sector.

“It is intended to identify challenges and constraints faced by the youth in the agriculture sector, highlight the roles and opportunities for youths in the sector in the scheme of economic development; and determine the importance of agri-business amongst rural youths.

The session will also promote the importance of agricultural entrepreneurship among the youth and showcase youth agri-business opportunities.”

Miss Edwards says the youth symposium will provide guidance to youths on how to engage their agricultural passions, while successfully contributing to job creation, economic development and food production, and as such a mini youth expo will also be held at which ten (10) young persons will exhibit aspects of business from across the agriculture value chain.

“This gives them the opportunity to share success stories visually, gather feedback on their products and showcase value-added.

So this a wonderful opportunity for the youth who are engaged in business in the agriculture sector; and we want to appeal to the general public to come out and support us,” she states.

 Students from secondary schools and the SVG Community College are among persons who have been invited to attend Tuesday’s symposium.

An official opening ceremony will be addressed by a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Dean of the Division of Technical and Vocational Education Mr. Osborne Bowens.

 Head of the Banana Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Karomo Browne, will deliver the Feature Address.