Vincentian man claims to be possessed by ‘evil spirits’

Photo Barbados today

(Barbados Today) – A Vincentian man, who said “evil spirits” directed him to snatch a chain and pendant from around a woman’s neck, has been handed over to immigration officials.

Winfield Garvette Sam, 33, who had been living here illegally and had no fixed place of abode, stole the $1,500 worth in jewellery from Coralita Price-Brancker yesterday.

The woman was reportedly standing at the bus stop in the area of Divi Southwinds when Sam disembarked a ZR van and asked her whether the items were gold. Price-Brancker did not reply, so Sam simply grabbed the chain with the crucifix pendant and popped it from her neck before running off.

Unfortunately for him, police were passing the area at the same time. He was therefore pursued and caught.

A half-burnt marijuana cigarette was also found in his possession. “The evil spirits made it do it,” he told police at the time of his arrest.

Before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant, the Vincentian apologized for his actions and again gave the same explanation of being possessed, saying he would not have committed the crime otherwise.

Prosecutor Sergeant Cameron Gibbons then informed the magistrate that Sam had arrived in Barbados on April 11 this year and was granted a six-month stay. However, he had not regularized his status since then.

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  1. Evil spirits my left foot! I know this youngster. His jail name is Winterfresh. He is a career criminal.His convictions go back into his teens. This claim of “evil possession” is just a cheap con to gain sympathy and escape punishment. The only evil here is the man himself.

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