Vendors in Shock, As Stalls Are Removed From City Streets

Photo Credit S George

We were informed that workers from the Solid Waste Management Unit including workers of the Sanitation Department were in Kingstown earlier this morning, as stalls and goods were being removed from various sections of the City.

According to one vendor, their stalls were forcibly removed, they had no warning. ” They just take my stuff and pack them into the truck”, the woman told News784.

Photos obtained by News784 showed an Official of the SWMU, workers of the Sanitation Department, and also a small Police Presence.

When News784 placed a call to the SWMU, we were told that there were no current clean up operations in Kingstown.

We were also told that there would be a return call as a follow up to an earlier conversation, at the time of this publication we received no such call.

We will continue to investigate and update in a future post.


  1. IF in fact the vendors were not sufficiently forewarned or not previously provided with an alternatve space, then this ULP Govt and its attending public agencies are simply badminded, arrogant and totally devoid of common sense and basic haman compassion.

    Don’t get me wrong; I am all for cleaning up of Kingstown; the lawlessness and the untidy environment make me sick to the core. But there is always a right way and a wrong way to do things. The majority of Vincentians would agree to Kingstown being cleaned-up and, they would equally disagree with the manner in which today’s act was carried out.

    You don’t wait until strangers (tourists) are about to visit your house (country)before you start cleaning it. It would show that you are not generally a clean person. Through ongoing clean-up campaigns and public awareness programmes you have got to inculcate in the minds of our citizens the value of cleanliness and instilling in them a sense of pride in keeping our country clean and healthy, through civic education.

    Just because the tourist season is about to begin you trying to appear to do something about the state of Kingstown. But you are going about it the wrong way. These vendors have to survive and in many cases, by any means necessary. But it would be unconscienable to remove them without providing alternative space from which they can operate. What else would you want them to do?

    Once upon a time you had a ministry called Urban Development, another called Informal Human Settlements, another called Rural Transformation, yet another-National Reconciliation and the list goes on. What has become of the one named Urban Development that was suppose to address the issue of the poor state of Kingstown?

    I guess you guys have run of of ideas, and just hanging around as long as you are able to teif you way into staying in power.


    • I agree! On the one hand all the venders make it difficult to walk in town, and are very unsightly but on the other hand these people are a sort of business. They are street venders because they want to make a dollar and our government has squeezed them into the only way they know how to survive. Even if the education revolution were helpful, which it is not, and many of these people were able to read and write, they still have no workplaces for them. Many do not want to hire 50 year-old women with half her teeth missing.
      I wonder what our supreme leader expects in this tourist season. Does he think these one-day-walk-around cruise ship tourists are going to save our economy and make Gonsalves five-inna-row? Is there something I do not see here?

  2. It’s about bluddy time this filthy town be cleaned up….most of those vendors are nasty,all about money…clean it up….

  3. I totally agree…on my last visit to SVG I was totally turned off from going to town. At that time, gutters were clean and so was most of town but the congestion was horrible….couldnt even walk in Middle Street. The tray vendors who ALL had practically the same item as the person selling next to them was all up in my little space trying to get a sale…. furthermore the town buildings could use a good powerwash OR paint job, if not done already.

  4. The town is dirty you complain…government is doing what needs to be done to clean up the capital you complaining…and then bad-mouth ULP and the GOVERNMENT What exactly does Vincentians want????

  5. I think the Government can get a start up program where people present there produce to sellafter registering for that program it will be something like a benefit fund,to get them off the streets they carry there product at the program where the government system in place will sort them out and sell them over to local supermarkets for cheaper then they buy giving the program registers a subsidy,or Gov buy them and sell them in the vegetable market where the government hired persons to sell there ,it will be also like the plastic recycle system but they get paid per month or so.

  6. About time. This should not have been tolerated in the first place. Not a pleasant experience going into Kingstown. Congestion is totally out of control. I remember growing up in SVG and going to the market on Saturday morning for fresh produce. Now this. The only criticism the authorities should get is that they took way to long to address this situation. No other Caribbean city is like this and I have visited most of them.

  7. Hmmm, I always hear vincentians are nasty and am starting to believe that. The fact is that they are in minority thank God. For those who always want to blame government when a good effort has been done about these nasty vendors,please take a look at where these people operate when the finish their daily messs, or take a Sunday drive through the city especially between Veira and the market. If you still want to defend them, there is just one word to describe you! Lol

  8. It is good that Government has finally decided to clean up Kingstown, however the approach is not ideal. Vendors should have been given at least three (3) months notice to make alternative arrangements. We must remember that vending is the livelihood of many Vincentians.

    Ideally, the Government should come up with an approved design for stalls and designated areas where they can be housed. We can co-exist with a beautiful outdoor market that is managed through cost effective means, common sense planning and strict enforcement.

    An ideal design for the stalls can be 4 Ft. high by 4 Ft. Width by 4Ft. depth. This stall would have two levels. One at the top to display produce and the other at the bottom to store excess produce. The stall can be fabricated from vinyl or wood. Each level can also be fabricated from locally grown bamboo. An ambrella would be placed in the center to provide shade and a chair provided for seating.

    The materials required for the construction of a wooden stall are eight lengths of 2 X 4 X 8; Three lengths of 1/2 inch plywood or equivalent bamboo rods, 1/2 gallon paint, one 2 inch paint brush; half pound 1/4 inch sheet rock screws and 1 pound of 2 1/2 inch Screws or eught penny nails. The stall would be covered with a fresh coat of paint with a large new umbrella in the center. The paint can be various pastel shades of the National colours or pure white.

    In an effort to maintain a prestene environment, the Town board should ensure the stalls are well maintain in there brilliance and vibrance. Stacked side by side we can have a beautiful Khalydascope of stalls lining the street outside the main market in Kingstown opposite Bonadie’s supermarket.

    Alternatively, Little Tokyo can be converted into a brand new vegetable, fish and meat market only. A brand new arts and crafts market can be constructed in front of the central police station with boutiques, restaurants, khiosk and stallls. In this way we can remove the vendors from the streets of Kingstown and place them in two central location.

    Both of these measures can bring some structure to the vending in Kingstown. The markets would be kept clean through strict enforcement. This would result in a nice beautifully maintained and structured town.

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