Up Late VS IWN On Boom FM’s OMG Morning Show

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(By Ernesto Cooke) – Kenton X. Chance found himself on the receiving end of verbal jabs from former diplomat, now late night talk show host, Sehon Marshall, on the OMG Show on Boom FM 106.9, all surrounding a recent article written by Chance on the death of Ian Garfield Enoch.

The program’s host, Dwight Bing Joseph, and his guests, Sehon Marshall and Steven Joachim all shared the view that while news must be written about events that take place, Chance’s reporting of the matter was somewhat distasteful.

According to the official Police statement issued, some time between 8:00 p.m. on 17th  August 2018 and 10:40 a.m. on 18th August 2018, at Argyle, Anwhar Jack with malice aforethought caused the death of Ian Garfield Enoch, a 50-year-old Travel Agency Supervisor of Brighton, by chopping him about his body with a cutlass.

Marshall commented that one of the challenges he has with Chance’s reporting, was his eye-witness hear-say style of reporting events.

“Now let me give you my own thing with Kenton,” Marshall said. “Someone sent me a link to his blog, because I have not read it for a while, because I think he is irresponsible”.

“So someone sent me a link when my incident occurred last year that Kenton wrote, and I read it….well not read it, the first paragraph said, ‘Xandra Marshall who was boxed by her husband’ ”.

Marshall said he met Kenton in the road and told him that the story was reported by a number of newspapers and all of them except IWN used the word, ‘allegedly’.

“They all said Mrs Marshall alleged and alleges and so on. You have reported as fact that I have punched my wife! I said, that’s defamatory and it’s wrong! He said to me, ‘I would change it’. To this day it has not been changed”. Marshall said.

“This is the same person who talked about Prime Minister vehicle picking people at the airport!” Marshall quipped. “Kenton has shown over the years to be irresponsible in his reporting, and so I don’t read him. I can’t promote that level of irresponsibility”.

Marshall added, “If you take a case like Ian Garfield Enoch, where he read some comments about the guy said this, and the guy said that. That is the difficulty, because, in the absence of Ian’s (own) story, anyone can say anything”.

Chance, who actually called into the program in defence of his work, said the story he presented did not come from one source but it was put together from various sources.

Chance added that as a journalist, he believes that people are entitled to their private lives, but when someone’s private life becomes public, then it is fair game for journalists.

Marshall did not engage Chance when he called into the OMG show.


  1. It is true that Kenton Chance has some problems with his reporting. No news outlet is perfect. Recently, concerning the Prime Minister trying to end our connection to the Privy Council Kenton Chance denied that the Prime Minister said during the Yuggee Farrell incident that He, the Prime Minister said he talked to the Magistrate berofe the hearing and that there is nothing wrong with that. Kenton Chance is trying to say that he never reported it, (which may be true) but also that the Prime Minister never said that. I remember seeing it on some news outlet. Kay Baptiste felt compelled to come forth and say the Prime Minister is wrong about saying it is fine for him to talk about a case outside of court. Kenton Chance says none of this ever happened!…? Apparently Kenton Chance has some sort of bias toward the ULP or Prime Minister Gonsalves. I do not know why he would deny something that everyone read about from some news outlet.
    When I tried to comment about something else on his site a message came up saying I was no longer allowed to post comments on IWN!

  2. Keton I wont give too much creedibilty to mr Marshall as a perrson, he is an alleged wife beater and Steven is another story . I say him once with a young thing squeeing it at an all white party in Canada with a very very young thing. One will think he was squeeing a baloon.

  3. Marshal is certainly not what I would call a roll model in our society and Kenton Chance either. I have seen Kenton Chance omitting facts on purpose and influencing things for readers to get a certain perception of incidents that they would normally not have. Both of them are certainly ULP supporters but Kenton, in his position, is supposed to be neutral.

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