Union Advises Teachers To Withdraw Service At Kingstown Anglican School


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) has advised teachers of the Kingstown Anglican School to withdraw their services, with immediate effect, due to deplorable working conditions.

The decision follows a visit to the school after members of the National Executive were alerted earlier today.

On arrival, the conditions at the school were deemed quite hazardous, and as a consequence, jeopardizes the safety of its occupants.

Amongst other things are a roof with an extensive leak, water falling on light fixtures  and electrical fittings, electric surges, and broken electrical outlets.

Moreover, the members of staff are very uncomfortable with the structural inadequacies. It gravely affects the  teaching and learning process, as well as their psychological wellbeing.

The SVGTU takes its responsibility seriously and will not sacrifice the safety of students, parents, its members or any other occupant of that building.

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  1. The government is so anxious to look good that they put money into building certain things but they have no funds to maintain them. It is an example of poor planning and ignorance, not to mention the usual caribbean lack of concern. I have seen schools in SVG where there is no glass in the windows and the students have to sit 7 feet from that wall because they will otherwise get wet when it rains. Many students have to stand because the government refuses to buy them desks. Instead they send government officials all over the region on Liat flights and put them in hotels to go to useless conferences. Just the cost of two of these trips would be enough to buy desks to seat nearly all of these students.
    We see that the priorities of our government are not for the people, but for themselves, thier luxury and priveledge!

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