Two Vincentians charged In Barbados – One Deported

By Deanzer Roberts

Vincentian Collis Theophilus Gould who admitted that he shoplifted liquor and toothpaste was deported. Collis it is reported has been living in Barbados illegally since 2004.

The thirty-seven year old admitted in court that he entered BJ’s Value Mart on July 13 and stole the two items. He admitted that he stole them for a woman.

Police say he was seen putting the items in a haversack, but he was not successful in leaving the store with the items.

Meanwhile twenty-seven-year-old  Dilano Gregdon John Olive, of Station Hill will have his next day in court November 12th 2018.
The Vincentian national was granted $3000 bail recently after appearing in a Bridgetown Court. Dilano denied the charge that he assaulted Danielle Boden causing her actual bodily harm on June 29, 2018.

The accused has been warned to stay away from the complainant. Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant adjourned the matter until November 12.