The Initiative Lends Helping Hand At Grammar School Day

The Initiative: A group whose vision is: A society of young men who are civically engaged, ambitious, academic and ethically guided, working towards creating the best future for those who follow onassisted the St. Vincent Boys Grammar School as they celebrated their 111th anniversary with an event titled “Grammar School Day” at the school in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines on 20 September 2019.

The day consisted of a church service in the morning where, Tariq Roberts, a co-founder of The Initiative delivered a scripture reading. Followed by the boys returning to the school.

The afternoon session is usually open for former students aka “Old Boys” to interact with the current students. Twenty-three (23) speakers addressed the boys in their classrooms from 1pm until 3pm on the broad topics:

1)     Balancing academics and extra circular activities

2)     Responsible Online Behaviour

3)     Time Management Strategies/ Managing Distractions and Best Study practices Choosing the right career and charting a plan for your education

4)     What’s next/ life at A level and Technical college

5)     Stress Management/ Dealing with emotions, exams and failures

One speaker said after visiting his second class: “It was my pleasure to be here. The level of interaction with the guys was amazing. Thanks for the opportunity.”

The students were engaged throughout and took the opportunity to ask questions that ranged from serious to funny.

Co- founder of The Initiative, André Browne, voiced his satisfaction with the day. “The Initiative is pleased to have partnered with The Grammar School for the Grammar School Day event. We hope to continue our engagement with this school and to be involved with other schools in SVG and we hope the support will be just as good as we seek to fulfill our mission to empower secondary school aged young people by focusing on their holistic development through mentorship, volunteerism, collaboration, and an enhanced learning environment.”

What is “The Initiative”?

Our main mandate is to provide a conduit for young people in society to be civically engaged, ambitious, academic and ethically guided. We hope to work with the young people of SVG towards creating the best future for those who follow on.

 What was Grammar School Day?

The staff of the SVGS understands the challenges facing young adults today and have endeavoured to address it by exhibiting and celebrating the school’s charm, history and fraternity.

Each year on the anniversary of the school’s opening, influential personalities are invited to engage the students on wide ranging topics – from academia to sports. The expectation is, that these young men have positive role models to emulate and that they obtain knowledge that will assist their decision making as they pursue their goals.


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