“Tell Vincentians Who Paid For Your China Trip”

Leader of the Unity Labour Party Dr Ralph Gonsalves said the NDP must tell Vincentians who paid for their trip to China.

The leader of the Opposition recently led a delegation to china where they met with business men and officials of a party affiliated to the Chinese Communist Party.

Gonsalves Sunday said they “Must” and ” Will” have to tell citizens. He said he needs open transparency on this matter.

Listen to Gonsalves below.



  1. Ralph should tell us who pays for all of his many trips in first-class luxury. Who paid for all those ULP big-shots to go to the Middle East recently?

    While he lives in a glass house Ralph should not throw stones.

    Mr Gonsalves, Judge not lest yee be judged!

  2. Double Standard SVG Style.

    Transparency is also in the Constitution ” All monies foreign or domestic must place in the Treasury and all moneies must be addited and place place in the house of Parliament.

    The question Sir, Government are duty to obey the Constitution. For Transparency is your government placing addit reports for to see?
    There is no way in the Constitution that tells Opposition have to give account for travel and other operating expenses only the government.

    Very interesting story that trying or plan to kill the Doc. Since you have or other listen to recording and the seems to be SVG, you have ample evidence to have the recording analyze and bring the culprit to justice, but same token your are repeating yourself thru the ages that no one the truth or false alarm.

    But any one who is planning this hideous crime on our PM must be stop at any cost.

  3. Sorry my friend, there is little momentum to this question as it can be interchanged, considering that they are both representatives of a state; being the opposition or the party in power and considering the question is being asked at a political party event.

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