SVGHRA Statement On Yugge Farrell Saga

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The Association underscores the fact that no report to the SVGHRA on the matter was made, but the Association is of the view that it would be prudent to make a statement at this point in time.

On Friday 5th January 2018, a defendant before a Magistrates’ Court was ordered to be sent to the Mental Health Centre for a period of two weeks for the purpose of an evaluation.

Under the Laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Revised Edition 2009, a court has the power to make orders of that nature, in particular, circumstances as indicated in Section 115(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code Cap. 172 which provides as follows:

“Where in the course of a trial or preliminary inquiry, the court has reason to believe that the accused may be of unsound mind and consequently incapable of making his defense, it shall inquire into the fact of such unsoundness and may for that purpose, order him to be detained in such place as the court may direct or in such other place as may be provided by any law, for medical observation and report for any period not exceeding one month.”

Section 7(1) of the Mental Health Act Cap. 294 further states:

“Where a court has ordered that a person charged before it who appears to be incapable of making his/her defence to be detained for a report, that person shall be admitted to a psychiatric hospital and detained therein.”

It MUST be noted, however, that any order made by a court for the detention and evaluation of any person can be challenged by way of an appeal, in accordance with the relevant provisions.

The SVGHRA takes this opportunity to request that the general public refrains from the publication and republication of material which is likely to attract liability either criminally, under the Cybercrime Act or civilly, subject to the laws of defamation.



  1. I wonder if this is another attempt to protect the dynasty. Sounds to me we either have some very bad laws in SVG or that the law states that the judge should send her to be evaluated BEFORE she were sent to the institution.
    SVG…The only country where a judge has the ability to determine the sanity of people in court.

      • Yes, you should say no more because it will show how little you know about how the world really works. Just go back to sleep in your “perfect world” bubble where everything is great. Even Storm Gonsalves indicates to us that there is a “back story”. Unfortunately he tries to create a “fake news” backstory to deflect the real important facts.
        You should WAKE UP to realize that for the powerful the Justice System is most often a “just us system”, where the rest of us get no Justice when it involves the powerful elites.

  2. The SVGHRA should be ashamed for taking this position. We agree that the court has the power to send someone for mental evaluation in cases where the individual demonstration actions deemed to be abnormal behavior. However, how could you determine calling someone a ‘dirty b**ch’ be considered the need for the court to subject that individual under psychiatric evaluation? How in this God created world could that be right? What other factors did the magistrate in this case used to determine that the mental capacity of this young girl needs evaluation? You haven’t even think about whether this young lady’s rights was properly protected but have audacity to ask the public to refrain from making comments on the issue? What if this was one of your daughter would it have make a difference? How much of people’s rights do we have witness get eroded before you can stand up for your people in the name of justice and human rights? Where is the human rights here, and who are you as the human rights associate supposed to protect? Certainly not the citizens of this country when you take this approach.

    • Bravo! Obviously and gratefully, most all Vincentians agree with you! If we do not stand up for this girl how can we expect that our fellow peoples will stand up for us if we end up in that position?

  3. It is obvious that her crime was to debase the name of one of the dynasty. . From my recollection of the event the Jude did not seek the opinion of a medical doctor(psychiatrist ) who is a competent authority on mental illness. The woman felt empowered presumably because she has been having relationship with Wonder Boy. The worse part of it however, is the extent to which his kit and kin came to rescue the injured buffalo. This is reminiscent of an episode from discovery channel. How wonderful, he even received coaching of how to handle the media by instructing him not to respond. It’s a cLassi call case of a lack of separation of power Vince style.

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