SVG Ranks Third For Least Corrupt Caribbean Country

While St Vincent may have fallen another two points down on the score for perceived level of public sector corruption in 2017, it is still recognized as the third least corrupt among countries in the Caribbean ranked by Transparency International.

SVG scored 58 for 2017, while in 2016 the nation had a score of 60.

According to Transparency international (0) is highly Corrupt and close to (100) a country is considered clean.

The comparison with other Caribbean countries is as follows.

Bahamas      Rank 28 – Score 65
Barbados     Rank 25 – Score 68
Cuba             Rank 62 – Score 47
Dominica    Rank 42 – Score 57
Dominican Republic Rank 135 – Score 29
Grenada      Rank 52 – Score 52
Guyana       Rank 91 – Score 38
Haiti            Rank 157 – Score 22
Jamaica      Rank 68 – Score 44
St Lucia      Rank 48 – Score 55
Trinidad     Rank 77 – Score 41
SVG             Rank 40 – Score 58

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  1. Integrity in public life should be the vanguard of our democracy. Police, politicians, public officers and prison officers must subscribe to a strict regime that guard againts coruption and exploitation. An Integrity commission should be set up to regulate persons conduct in the public service and politics. Further, a code of ethics and a professional standards unit should be establish in the police force and prison service.
    We must make it illegal for persons to ware political party paraphaenalias during elections such as t-shirts, caps etc. it is well known that these party symbols breeds divisiveness within our country. No one should have to ware or display a symbol to demonstrate their support for the ideals of a particular party. The manner in which our political party’s conduct their business is symbolic of gang culture. These types of acts fuel the hatred that is so evident during elections and that which has perpetuated itself as a result of the Yogi Farrell saga.
    Time to relegate party colours to dust bin. There must be a total ban on party colours in the same way that we have banned styrofoam containers. You don’t need to ware a particular colour to associate with a political party. As a matter of fact one should be associated with a party political ideals and not a party’s political ideology. Our system of politics should be re-egineered to promote a more unifying political culture.
    Strict laws should be put in place to managed campaign financing, award of government contracts, and the disclosure of assets by politician, public officers, senior police and prison officers. All sources of funds for political donations must be made public. All gifts by politicians to there constituent or to the electorate should be made illegal. No one should have to be paid for their vote.
    Let our democracy be a shining example for the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Our desire to promote integrity in public life should be uncompromise. We must continue to shape the future of our country by reflecting on our ancestral values and the teachings of the Bible. Finally, let’s aspire to have a healthy, respectable, vibrant, enviable political culture that uniquely defines the values of the Vincentian People.

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