SVG Among Countries Where Rastafarians Complain Of Discrimination

St Vincent is among a list of six Caribbean nations where members of the Rastafarian faith feel they are being discriminated against.

That’s according to the latest International Religious Freedom Report for 2015 from the US State Department. While the US government found the Caribbean is mostly free when it comes to being able to practice one’s religion, it cited several countries whether the government’s practices impinge on the beliefs of Rastafarians there.

According to the Caribbean Rastafari Organization, Rastafarians in St. Vincent & The Grenadines continue to disagree with the government’s prohibition of marijuana use, which they described as integral to their religious rituals. Rastafarians here also stated they faced scrutiny from police and immigration officials and also expressed concern about discrimination in schools and in hiring.


U.S. embassy officials met with the government, religious leaders, and other members of civil society to discuss religious freedom, including Rastafarians’complaints of societal discrimination and the government’s policy against marijuana use.
The law prohibits the use of marijuana, including for religious purposes. Other Caribbean Countries include Antigua and Barbuda,Jamaica,St. Kitts And Nevis,Dominica,and the Bahamas.

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