Suspended Police Officer Now Charged With Murder

News784 was reliably informed that suspended police officer Ethien Charles was on Tuesday 9th October 2018, charged with murder.

According to the information obtained Charles was charged with the murder of  Rodney George of Victoria Village.

Ethien Charles, Jerome Ollivierre along with another individual have now been jointly charged with the murder of Rodney George.

George, a former security guard was found dead at his workplace in Arnos Vale, on September 1st 2018.

On September 21st 2018, Ethien Charles, along with four others were charged with the robbery of Dr Twana Browne-Caesar.


  1. Thorough investigation must be an integral part when enlisting anyone into the police force. That’s greed, his heart his filthy. That’s a terrible DISGRACE TO THE NATION.

    • Do not forget Mikei that you do not have any evidence yet. Just because he is accused does not mean he is guilty. I have seen many times in my life where people are set-up. It looks like he is involved in the robbery of the Minister’s wife but I only know what I read in the news. Look at the recent events concerning the nomination of the Supreme Court Judge in the USA. It all turned out to be a big set-up by the corrupt democrats. Absolutely no evidence or credible witnesses, just accusations. I hope SVG is not going the same direction as the USA. At least most of our judges are far better than those in the USA, let them decide.

    • don’t forget people can become corrupted in any organisation,even though they would have been worthy at the beginning to join,its just a matter of time and the causes,then you give into it only for the temporary gain and enjoyment,until your day comes

  2. It is such a shame and disgrace to hear that he is associated with the police force. You take the oath to serve and protect. But he was so far removed from the oath. Justice must be served for the grieving families. And I pretty sure if you dug deeper. This is not the first murder.

  3. José this is how u all defending these guys now. If he wasn’t there his name would not have call.seem like he want to reap havoc on our beautiful country.God alone knows what else we dont know about.

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