“Stop Using Mitchell To Shield You” Gonsalves Tells Friday

Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell

Sir James Mitchell has taken back NDP the party that he founded, this is the view of current Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

Gonsalves said he appears to have the title deed for it.

“You know, Eustace wrote many things inside of his letter, but he did not write that one, Eustace did not see that, he says Mitchell co – founded the party, but as far as Mitchell is concern he created that party”.

Gonsalves said as far as Mitchell is concern Eustace was playing fresh, not to recognized that this thing, he has the title deed for it.

“Well poor Friday, he does not know St Vincent, he does not even know how to get to Gordon Yard, so say he went walking”.

Gonsalves said anything Mitchell tells Friday he has to do, this is a sorry state for a leader.

“You are making a man who Eustace correctly said, had loss appeal and sliding down hill, Friday wants to resurrect him, to bring him to ask people to make a decision in 2020”.

Gonsalves told Friday via his news conference to be a man and stop putting an elder in front to shield him.


  1. Obviously Ralph Gonsalves is again trying to provoke Godwin Friday. It is sad we have such a politician as a Prime Minister.
    It seems Donald Trump took lessons from this man.

  2. Too bad Donald Trump did not teach Ralph Gonsalves anything about economics. Since Gonsalves cannot best Friday with good policy, he has resorted to cheap-shot lies.

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