School Bus escapes plunge in Sandy Bay

Photo sent to News784

Updated: Police told NEWS784 the school bus transports children from Fancy and is Government owned. 

Original Publication @ 8.31

Children being transported via a school bus in the Northen Village of Sandy Bay escaped what villagers say could have been far more life threating, following a mishap on Wednesday morning.

According to information obtained the bus appeared to have missed the turning in an area called Stonetable Corner, with the front of the bus going over a low rise, and crashing into a tree.

Rochelle Baptiste of SVG TV reported on her Facebook page that there are reports that the brakes failed while the bus was making it’s decent as it headed for the turn.

Information suggests that there were no major injuries to persons onboard. The front of the bus sustained extensive damage.

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  1. Is this one of the buses recently donated by Taiwan? If so,I am hoping that the Minister responsible for transportation requests a complete review of these buses! In fact,they all should be grounded until such time!

    • I think you are right, it is one of those buses. We must ask, Is it the bus or the driver, that is the question….or is it the road(s)?

  2. I have red several comments on Facebook and two on this website pertaining to this accident. I am surprise that most persons are alluding to the bus as the potential cause of this accident. This is a brand new bus and I am sure there is nothing wrong with it. In fact I can guarantee you that this accident was caused as a result of the recklessness of the driver. The same manner in which the rock gutter incident occurred.

    Almost 100% of motor vehicle accidents involving public transportation in SVG are cause by the drivers’s recklessness. What happens to prudence and observation of the rules of the road. All of these accidents are avoidable if the divers were to take there time and be cognizant of the terrain in which they are operating.

  3. Dem drivers yah ah SVG, dem nah teek no interest eena de Highway code! But yoh caar say nutton, carse most ah dem ah buy dem Licence aff man.

    Watch yoh nu! Man ah even ask me fo money fo borrow fo go pay fo Licence. Dem neva pass no test, an de Police dem naar enforce de Highway Code here either. Yo nah see!

    Whole heap ah time me watch man ah brook de Highway Code right in front ah de Police dem, an de Police dem jus stan up an watch, an ah do nutton to man.

    Yo carr do dat ah farren dready an get way wid it. No sar, yo carr do dat. So me na surprise wen dem ah lick way wall an go down bank. Is drive dem carr drive! Dem nah know how fe drive. Yo nah see it iah! More time ah so it go ah SVG!

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