Notice For Persons Visiting Central Police Station

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is informing the general public that persons visiting Central Police Station (barracks), must identify themselves to the Sentry by presenting their National Identification Card or other forms of photo ID.

Your kind co-operation will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Would this not further hinder openness from the general public in coming in with helpful information knowing their identity could be clearly known?

  2. I firmly agree with the new policies implemented by the RSVGPF. In many Government buildings in NYC and else where, one is required to show some forms of ID. ( the courts, police stations and many buildings in Manhattan) In light of the many murders in SVG where masked men appears to be the new authority . The police department need to be alert and prepared for the unexpected. It appears the criminals don’t wand to be identified along with their enablers.

  3. Smh! Some people just can’t handle change eh! You all don’t dictate how the police should go about with their business of security please. If you don’t want to go there, just call, ah think them phone still working eh!

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