News784 Issues Apology To Ray Anthony John


On the 31st July, 2018, News 784 published an article of News in which we erroneously stated that Ray Anthony John a Vincentian National living in Antigua and Barbuda was charged with attempted murder.

We have since learned that this was erroneous and that the person actually charged with the alleged murder is Rey John an Antiguan National.

News 784 wishes to offer an unreserved, full, frank and public apology to Mr. Ray Anthony John and his family for any distress caused to him or injury to his reputation which he may have suffered as a result of this unfortunate error.

We wish to assure Mr. John that there was no malice intended in the publication of the said article.

We deeply regret having published the same and offer our apologies for any embarrassment it may have caused.

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  1. Sure ASP John on the advice of his attorney would
    so accept and would be so urged.
    Martialing facts, Reporters shall always verify,
    not only incidents but also seek to confirm
    identities of persons making the news.
    These may be ascertained or verified through reliable sources
    or ‘…credibility-known persons so positioned to know.’
    Such will not only ‘…eliminate apologies and/or costly
    litigation,’ but also ‘…increase reliability,
    enhance believability,’ while at the same time
    ‘…protecting the integrity’ of the news portal.
    Not a reporter. (Training in law enforcement/media relations).

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