Mitchell gives ULP 20 more years, sees no leadership in NDP

Former PM Sir James Mitchell said, Former leader of the NDP Arnhim Eustace is no leader and Friday is worst, this According to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

Gonsalves on Saturday night at the celebration rally for the one-year operation of the AIA said this is what transpired last year when both Caesar and Gonsalves was on the Grenadine island of Bequia.

“ Both of them were in Bequia and Sir James asked them to have lunch with him, and he told both young men am putting my cards on the table because he is interested in this country”.

“ Gonsalves went on to state that Mitchell told both MP’s that Eustace and Friday is no leader, there is no one in there to lead, but the ULP, you all have an abundance of riches”.

Dr. Gonsalves further stated that Mitchell told the young politicians that his idea, it does not matter which of one of you, anyone of you can come to say that you are leading the NDP and I will help you to become the leader.

Gonsalves told the gathering that Mitchell said that for the next twenty years with his idea, SVG would have two good leaders.

Dr. Gonsalves told the gathering based on what Mitchell said it means that the ULP will be in office for the next twenty years.


  1. We all know that Gonsalves is the authority on what it takes to be a BAD leader. He wants us to focus on those in the opposition so that we don’t look at the state of the country. A terrible state that he is mostly to blame for. Saint Vincent was well above average in the good categories during the Mitchell years; now Saint Vincent is filled with more rapes, robberies, joblessness, broken infrastructure, corruption and the list goes on and on. The education has gotten worse for our children by lowering standards. Some of this started during the end of the Mitchell years but Gonsalves added more fuel to the fire. Even though we are taxed at a far higher rate than ever before, we are nevertheless worse-off.
    If I were Friday and Eustace I would wear Gonsalves’ criticism as a badge of pride.
    Gonsalves is a leader for the elite. He has fooled the poor out of their votes with lumber and cement at voting time, and made the super-rich wealthier by easing their taxes. That is was many elites love him.

    • We do not want your love, we want our country back. You can also keep the Cybercrime law, We want our freedom back. We want our jobs back…Keep the LOVE we can create that ourselves.
      Yugge can tell us about Labour Love.

      • “We want our country back” dude you are a squatter. Tell us why you leave your country to seek refuge in St.Vincent know that Ralph is there.

    • Scorpio we all know that when Dr Ralph E Gonsalves [DREGs} called for members to own the jobs and own parliament, that soon changed into steal the elections, steal the jobs, steal the law, steal the decency, steal the whole country down, and that is just what has happened.
      There is no real such thing as Labour Love, it is love the clan, love the dynasty, and love the newly imposed slavery under Labour leadership.

  2. I disagree on almost everything the ULP stands for, but I do believe that if NDP does now come up with better candidates, people who can articulate a good message of why they need to be in power. They need to compare and contrast the differences between the ULP and NDP. Not saying the ULP is bad and that they are better.
    Give a convincing message on how lives can improve for the average Vincentian. Educate Vincentians as to why the free market is the best way to improve the lives and get people out of poverty.
    Preach on why is not wrong to vote for ULP but how it’s in the best interest of the country and populace, that they vote NDP to be in power.
    Sweet slogans won’t make your lives better, but a plan to improve the living standards for all Vincentians, not just those who are politically connected to the ruling class, which is the NDP.
    I am Kalik Crick, and I approve this message.

    • It is better a worthless dirty dog is in power than the current leadership. Because if they ever get re-elected they will be in power for ever, the dynasty will have won, they will be in power forever. There will be no moving them as the dictatorship will then become ruthless and become entrenched even more than they are already.
      Better a party of whatever quality because this current regime is the worst thing that has ever happened in SVG, it surpasses everything in the past.
      They should not even be considered with all that they have destroyed with there scramble to make us a country of peasants that must rely on unlivable hand outs. Enslavement again whichever way they wrap it and present it.

  3. Sir Hames is correct in a way, for any leader to appoint Kay Bacchus as a senator something had to be wrong with he. Don’t tell me the party could not identify a bright young honest woman from WSG to represent the constituency! What can Kay bring to the party? When will the Young Dems be given the recognition that they deserve a chance? When will the people who the outstanding members be looked upon for their loyalt and support? Being a good judge of character is a skill required for sound management.

    • Mourine we know your not a woman your balls are showing. You are simply presenting more of the ULP and dynastical political filth in trying to destroy a decent human being because she dare throw her hat in the ring, a real threat for Camillo. He doesn’t stand a chance now, with the Yugge Farrel matter and who his father is suddenly becomes a negative instead of a positive.

  4. Simon show me what Kay brings to the party and let us go from there. No personal attacks will change the facts. If we want to win an election we have to bring substance to the table. This is not about me Simon, this is about wining the next general. You giving red meat to a hungry lion Simon.

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