Layou Police Station Gets New Transport

Photos Lance Neverson

Law enforcement officers at the Layou Police Station now have an additional tool to aid them with their crime fighting measures.

On Friday 30th Nov 2018 the RSVG Police Force received three additional Vehicles to assist in crime fighting and prevention.

A Subaru Forester to provide assistance in and around Layou was donated by Mr and Mrs. Vernon Scott through the SVG Rotary Club.

Two Ford Interceptor patrol cars plus additional equipment including computers and sexual assault kits from the York Regional Police of Canada was facilitated by Consul General Fitz Huggins and retired officer Tony Browne.

The keys were handed over to Commissioner Colin John at the Central Police Station.



  1. Too bad these cars are not suited for the roads of Saint Vincent. That means they cannot go to very many places and will not last very long because of our very poor road conditions. It is however a good gesture. A government like ours sees it more important that the high officials live in luxury rather than putting the money into our roads, school repairs, employment of all the unskilled Vincentians, police or VITAL police training on such things as evidence, protecting the crime scene, proper arrest procedures, rights and treatment of perpetrators, etc… These things are seen as unimportant. Only wealth and power for certain people in government and “looking good” are priorities.

  2. They should get proper vehicles transport prisoners. The sight of prisoners transported in pan-vans is regarded as a dated means of transportation in this modern era. Come on you can do better, ask Fitz Huggins how prisoners are transported in Toronto.

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