Lawyer Kay Bacchus-Baptiste Ratified By The NDP

Lawyer Kay R. A. Bacchus-Baptiste

Mrs Kay R. A. Bacchus-Baptiste has been selected to represent the constituency of West St. George in the next general elections, having been selected at the constituency level and later unanimously ratified by the Central Committee of the New Democratic Party.

The Party welcomes Mrs Bacchus-Baptiste as a great representative of the people.

Commenting on the ratification, President Dr Godwin Friday said, “The people of West St. George have chosen well. Kay is someone they can trust to work hard and deliver for them and the country.

I know that she will work endlessly, not just for the people in West St. George but also to ensure that we fulfil our vision of creating a country that works for all.

We should never lose sight of the fact that we are one nation, one people, one Vincy!”

Commenting on her ratification, Mrs Bacchus-Baptiste expressed her delight in being given the opportunity to represent the West St. George constituency noting that “I have a vision of breaking barriers – building the future.

“When I think of barriers I mean unemployment of youths in West St. George, poor roads in the constituency, and most of this because the constituency is plagued with a lazy representative and a government that doesn’t care.”

As to her activities since ratification, she declared “I have hit the ground running, I’ve been on walkabouts in the constituency, and I’ve also had a town hall meeting on Thursday, October 5th”.

“My approach is not to sit in my office and fool myself that I know what the people want, but rather to go out and meet them, find out from them the issues in their communities and together we develop solutions.”

Mrs. Kay Bacchus-Baptiste is a lawyer who spent much of her life doing service for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


  1. I think she will be a great politician. I just hope she is clean. The ULP will spend large sums of taxpayer’s money to try to dig up anything on her. The may go back as far as primary School. If they cannot find anything they may seek other means.

    • Good point Big Youth! I think there are “clean politicians” when they go into politics but become dirty soon afterwards. Thomas Jefferson mentions that the longer a person is “in power” the more corrupt they become, doing such things as cheating on elections and making a “golden parachute” for themselves, as the Panama Papers have demonstrated. SVG is a good example of how corrupt a politician can get over time. Obama was only in politics for two years when he became President but he was very corrupt from the start. Look at “Crooked Hillary Clinton”! Never have I seen such a corrupt human being. Now Trump is even betraying his election promises and causing countless deaths of innocent people just like Obama loved to do. Maybe we have to adjust what we think of as “clean”. Trump talks hard and killed people, Obama killed with a smile.

  2. Although she might beven a good politician, I am afraid she will not win West St George because of the following :
    West St George has a history of voting along traditional family lineemergency or lineage.

    Cecil McRae had already built an allegiance by clandestine methods-Bribery etc.

    The Ruling ULP has a lot in their coffers to spend.

    Therefore, Rene the task is synonymous to climbing a mountain. It’s a Samson v Goliath senario.

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