Jacobs: “Colin Needs Serious Help”

Iyah Jacobs FB

Another blow was dealt to Colin Graham the NDP perspective ESG candidate on Tuesday, as the ex-girlfriend, Iyah Jacobs,  called in on live radio to speak about the ongoing saga.

In her call to hot97, Jacobs said the post made on Facebook by her about their former abusive relationship was to ensure that Graham received some sort of intervention.

She said attacking Graham or speaking about it from a political standpoint would not solve the issue.

Jacobs said she could understand why many persons in public are currently crucifying her; she said a lot of information was missing, so speculation was rife.

The ex-girlfriend stated that she went to Barbados for a vacation, noting that the Prime Minister did not send her on holiday or to Carifseta, but noted since she was on the island it was not an issue attending.

Jacobs said the vacation was not premeditated, and she was not paid by any one, as many are now speculating.

Jacobs said she needs help. However, the root problem is “Colin” he really and truly needs a lot of help.

She further pointed out that at this moment there is a lot of tension in the relationship. However,  she would not deny her feelings for Graham, but unless there is some sort of help and restoration, even being friends would have to be put on hold.

Jacobs said just as how this truth took its time and played out, the relationship may have to go that route as well.

When asked by radio host Chris Jones about some of the signs that abuse was entering the relationship, Jacobs said; “ well there were a lot of insecurities, a lot of accusations, even friendships were accused whether innocently or not”.

Jacobs said while honesty is an excellent thing, she would encourage persons to be careful with whom they share details of their life with because in most cases they would end up using it in the negative.


  1. It is a shame that instead of trying to help two young people who obviously have issues, persons are on radio and social media attacking them both. Some attack out of misguided political affections, others out of pure bad mind. It may now appear as a wise thing to have kept this entire scenario out of the public domain and sort it out with some proper help and reconciliation.

  2. Darling you did the rest, but others are making a big issue against you became of politics. They Don’t care about your well being or if Colin get the help he needs. I applaud you cause some people never stop there abusive or bad habits until we expose them.

  3. Should Colin Graham have not declared his interest in being on the NDP political Team, would Ms. Jacobs have gone public? I wander how many Ex Girlfriends or Ex Boyfriends would have taken this approach? I am delighted that this scenario is out of the CLOSET by both Colin and Ms. Jacobs and looking forward for both the older leaders of NDP and ULP see the benefit in not only focusing on the academic side of education but the building self esteem of out young men and women. Unfortunately, our society taught them just what they saw and have repeated!

  4. Wow setup setup setup other one, why people private life became a high in political matters. For how long you have been getting abuse from your lover are boyfriend,And why you coming out at this time to reveal all that you have said and still continuing on doing so if you are not really getting a understand hand are something why if so be you are the one is in need of more help.

    • Good insight Sueann! It is so easy for all of us to get distracted by the smoke and mirrors, but you were looking where others were not looking. I may add that it is sad that we are showing all the dirty laundry of these two people when other things are more important. the politician is running for a political office not a “boyfriend of the year award”.

    • Yes! Something doesn’t smell right here. The timing tells it all. Why is all this public talk going on now? When things happened, who knew then? How did political members know about such incidents. Why did the current leading party try so hard to stop Colin from running in the election? Shame!! Shame!! Shame!! Shame on all those who are in on destroying Colin. Them ah rape and still dah in ah office. Them ah kill an still dah in ah office. Them ah thief an still dah in ah office.NO wonder them have fuh call Vincentian women 3 fuh 10. This sounds like one of the 3 fuh 10. Them buy them out fuh talk out bull shit.

    • Is it Colin or you. What’s your profession? Why now? Don’t tell me you didn’t understand what is abuse until now. Babygirl you need to apologize for your stupidity. I don’t tolerate any sort of abuse. So this society need to stop using it as an excuse

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