“I have no sympathy for Anthony Astaphan situation”

A youth activist for the St Vincent Opposition party in a Facebook post says, he is not sorry for Lawyer Anthony Astaphan current situation one bit.

Astaphan on Monday night posted a video in which he noted what was happening to him and family members as Maria battered the island of Dominica where he lives.

The young activist who goes by the name Shabazaah George said in his posting ;

“I know you are supposed to forgive and forget, but Astaphan I ain’t sorry for you one bit”.

“I pray that everyone else is safe, but you!

“God will forgive me, but remember, what is in the well come up in the bucket”.

Kezron Walters a member of the Unity Labour Party youth arm commenting on the post said what was stated by George was a  result of the hatred cultured by the NDP and Nice Radio.

“You saw it in the war room, in the movement, and from the crazies”, Walters said.

Anthony Astaphan has been a familiar figure here in SVG, where he was one of the lawyers representing the government in the recent election petition case brought by the NDP.


  1. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Take a look at the above photo and see if you expect anything better.

  2. Shabazaah George says in one of his photos with him and a young lady on his Facebook page, “In a few years time when we walk in everybody will stand to show respect for the Prime Minister and his wife. 👌…” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. And this one “I am the only one who wipes my ass, so if you want to know my sh*t ask me…” Well Shabazaah you confused, immature, force-ripe Julie Mango, let me borrow some more of your own words, spoken by you, and not by me…”Sometime it’s good to sit and think before you act so I have to be like “does this person need a kick in their face or not”? Ask yourself that son, be careful!

  3. So insensitive and immature are those comments that it speaks volumes about the author. One day the chickens will come home to roost and may sit on the author’so dinner table. Only then will he understands what goes around comes around.

  4. But dude is a JACKASS… ” Le bard kamawad ou pwi defay, pon glow epis woozay saw” which translates to mean when your neighbour’s beard is on fire take water and wet yours. I wish Shabazaah George exactly what he wishes Tony Astaphan. At the end of the day politicians come and go.

  5. Why others get offended when others speak their mind how they feel? This young man has all right to say how he feels. He has reason to say it we people too one sided cant get it your way all the time.im not sorry for these wicked badtards one bit.when the enemy coming at us its only one thing in mind is tp destroy us.

  6. @ Agnes Providence. Agnes there are mostly decent persons here, expressing their decent opinions about what was said by Shabazaah George. Please excuse yourself and go meet indecent Jeffery Providence and your Warring room-mates.(And,change your last name to Indecent). This is not a discussion about freedom of expression or say any stupid thing that comes to mind. What the foolish young man Shabazaah George said… is wrong, plain objectionably wrong, inhumane and foolish. Don’t you get it? Probably not!

  7. Shabbazah or whatever his name is. I don’t think you’ll make it long in SVG Politics rather than to pay a visit to Dominica after blasting our own. In times like this we should be careful what our stupid little tongues does say before thinking,remember that we’re in the Hurricane season and your words may cause destruction to your own self. I pray for sense to knock into your head before it’s too late.

    From Dominica.

  8. The hypocrisy of this is baffling… ppl talking and condemning what the guy said, saying it’s not nice to say yet they turn around and wish the same thing for him which is even worst… he didn’t wish this on Tony but said he felt no pity for him or his situation but u DISGUSTING ppl are actually wishing bad things to happen to him… which is worst nah?? Smh… Oh! And tell Mr. Walters to put a sock in it… Star Radio is the epitome of hate radio!! Better must be done!!

    Spread love not hate!!

    • Miss Nikki did you read the comment? He not only wish but “PRAY that everyone else is safe ,except you” Praying is talking to a HOly God. Did he stop to think before posting?

  9. In times like these, spewing hatred is not going to help any situation. Shabbazah, Astaphan does not need or ask you for your help. Even in this situation, he is better off than you. His mind is not messed up and Astaphan knows what he wants.

  10. Now who ever you are the last thing you ought to want to call anybody is dunce. We’ve seen your pieces on I witness news along with many other news sites. You are retarded for lack of a better word and that might be an insult to the people who are retarded….. Oh well

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