Graham Suspended From Work At Hot97

Photo Colin Graham FB

Radio announcer Colin Graham of Hot97.1, was today suspended from work. Graham on his Facebook page reported that his removal from the broadcast entity did take place.

“After reporting for work today I have been told I am now suspended without pay effective immediately”.

Graham did not state the reason for his suspension. The recently selected candidate for the NDP by the East StGeorge constituency Council admitted to domestic abuse last week.

The admittance has fuel debate as to the future of his political career, after his ex-girlfriend made the postings on Facebook about their former relationship, which she described as abusive.

We will update as soon we have a comment from management at Hot97.1


  1. hot 97 fulla crap,wa the hell alyo doing in the man personal life and why is now the ex chooze to com foward

  2. This should be a lesson for all. If you admit your mistakes, try to correct them. Are an honest and transparent person, you will suffer. Instead you have to lie, cheat, deceive, and be an all around deceptive scumbag and stab others in the back to get to the top…and you will go far in today’s world, maybe even become a Prime Minister. If you have the right personality you can rape, steal money and be disrespectful…with no consequences! Very sadly, that is what we emulate in our society today. Listen to much of the popular music today; many of the popular songs are about killing, indicating women are just objects to have sex with. No wonder ISIS has recruited thousands, and continues to attract. Lots of killing and sex slaves, etc… What a society it is today.
    In the old days people would lose their jobs because of poor job performance, or incidents occurring while on the job, now they fire you for actions or things concerning your personal life. Is it possible that the radio station was threatened by very frightened powerful politicians?

  3. The ignoramus, DJ turned Radio Announcer/Talk show Host should be the one getting that suspension letter for all the ignorance he promotes on hot 97 on mornings.I guess there is a good market for crap in SVG. AM Mayhem indeed!

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