Gonsalves Urge Youths To Take Advantage Of Lawful Opportunities

Government continues to protect, uplift, and afford opportunities for personal development to those who find themselves in a disadvantaged condition.

 He said a raft of initiatives exist which are fit for the purpose; the recently-established Zero Hunger Trust Fund is performing excellently and offers more than a ray of hope for its beneficiaries.

Prime Minister Gonsalves in his independence speech urge all persons, young, old, and middle-aged, men and women, who face onerous challenges in their lives and living to seek the support and assistance from one or more of the relevant government agencies and Programmes.

 “Seek and you will find; knock and opportunities are available, Still, remember always that you must make the maximum individual effort to better your life and living”

Gonsalves urge young persons, to take full advantage of the bountiful, lawful opportunities available.


  1. He should explain his “bountiful” opportunities. It is just like our Prime Minister to always shift the blame onto someone or something else so to avoid responsibility.
    Our youth have a bad work ethic, and crime is more profitable than low-paying jobs.
    In the fields of crime and economics Prime Minister Gonsalves is a loser. He does not seem to understand how these two areas are related. He does not realize that if he is able to provide an atmosphere where business can be profitable they not only survive, but expand as well. Instead he continues to dream up more ways to tax, increase the restrictions and “red tape” and discourage investment. What a dunce! It is a wonder that anyone invests in SVG. It seems to be a place that attracts corrupt investors that can avoid many of the costs, and nevertheless because of the high costs they can’t avoid, even those businesses go under. Until there is a secure environment for business to survive and thereby employ people, many of these youths will continue to turn to crime.

  2. Let me make it absolutely clear I do not condone Crimes!
    The role of government is to provide the environment for businesses to endeavour, strive and create job opportunities! Therefore, perhaps the Prime Minister could tell the youths of this country where, oh where are those Lawful opportunities that exist here for them.
    Has he not failed the youth of this country with his outdated political and economic policies?

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